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  • Andy Andy Dec 14, 2005 20:18 Flag

    Should there be a public inquiry into the 7/7 terrorist attacks on London?

    No there should not be a public enquiry simply because there is no need for one.

    The PC brigade and the sheep that follow them will demand one but the actions of the killers do not merit it.

    We know how and what happened. If a review of security was asked for then yes that is needed but an enquiry that will turn into a debating forum for people like the Muslim Council of Britain just isn't needed.

    There is a very simple answer to those living in this country who hate it and that's don't do it.

    If you can't leave get off your backside and do something positive to make the changes you want.

    Murder is an answer to nothing.

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    • That's not true.
      What we 'know' of what's happening from the media is a thin, shallow construct. TRUTH is stranger than fiction.
      Do you even know the names of the bombers, of their life histories? WISE up mate, there may be more to this than meets the eye. CIA knew of 9/11 before it happened. That is a fact because the share market in airlines moved strangely before the atrocity. When FBI were investigating this move (big profit) they were warned off by CIA/NSA because the trail led to two CIA operatives, I hear. That's the kind of thing the government doesn't want coming out in public - the scams behind the scams

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      • Exactly -
        9/11 was a complete fix up - just a tiny amount of research will make you ask serious questions about all the events of that day - anyone who thinks it was a passenger jet that hit the pentagon (and has looked at the evidence) is deluded! Or how hijackers who were supposed to be dead managed to turn up alive after the event - do some research http://www.reopen911.org/
        Because of the terrible investigation that was done after 9/11 I will never be satisfied with the current explanation of 07/07 until a satisfactory enquiry is done.

    • absolutly 100% spot on got it in a nutshell, well said.

    • I disagree with your suggestion that the PC brigade will want one. Their the voice of officialdom, they're not going to step out of line, surely??