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  • dax dax Jun 7, 2006 03:34 Flag

    muslims, rascists and americans

    there is no need in this world for rascism. however, when a group of people (muslims) attack civilians, and there is no transparent condemnation from senior muslims, and no concerted effort from the right-thinking muslim population, then that is surely adding to the problem, and will give fuel to the rascists and xenophobes. When in fact so-called clerics encourage and praise these attacks then surely they, along with the perpetrators, are committing blasphemy (again with no condemnation). Now I don't care what colour your skin is, or what god you might worship. What I care about is the right to use public transport without the risk of being blown up. In ANY scenario this is wrong. All those who condemn ALL immigrants in the name of England are as bad as the terrorists in some ways. It just perpetuates the argument and proves to anyone that thinks all Brits are rascist that they are right.
    Granted, American foreign policy is a disgrace. Although I seem to remember that it was our Prme Minister that stopped Bush sending the planes out immediately after 9/11. If it wasn't for Tony Blair I think Afghanistan and Iraq would be wastelands by now, along with the Muslim repercussions to USA, its allies and interests.
    I think if the Muslim community leaders actually did something proactively with all the hate-mongers, it will lead to more understanding and even a little bit of tolerance (society takes action against rascists where necessary)

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    • Quote "Racism is against people of a different SKIN COLOUR"

      Racism is not a black white thing.
      French Frogs, German Krauts it's all still racist.

      All this shit going on in this country with the immigrants is making more people racist. wake up world.

    • I can agree with your comments... racism by whatever means is wrong... and yes every human being should have the right to travel and go places without the fear of terrorist activity... maybe Senior Muslim Leaders should speak out more against Islamic Extremist activities and in the same way, the media should publicise this more freely, in order to put faith back into the public that the majority of muslims or anyone of ethnic minority is not in favour of terrorism!

      There need to be strict laws that anyone in favour of terrorism or inciting violence or killing of innocent individuals, should be severely punished... and I mean severely!!!

    • Racism is against people of a different SKIN COLOUR, criticism of a religion that has a negative effect in our world is not racism.

      Is it racist to criticise the religious ideas that drove imperial japan to commit atrocities in WW2 ?

      (just for a recap they believed that the Japanese emperor was the embodiment of the God of ripened rice, that the Japanese people were invincible, and that surrender was a sin worse than death.)

      So criticism of another religion which encourages and ordains the killing of unbelievers, warfare, capital and corporal punishment for trivial 'crimes' on the flimsiest of allegations - is not racist at all.