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    Cooked Terror Plot Recycles Politics Of Fear

    In another bizarre example of Tony Blair's government playing with the politics of fear, a discredited terror plot concerning Al-Qaeda plans to fly planes into London skyscrapers, an admitted fairy tale manufactured by government lobbyists, resurfaced today as a new story.

    The BBC reports that a Department of Homeland Security dossier verifies a previous 'Al-Qaeda' plan to hijack planes from Heathrow airport and fly them into nearby Canary Wharf buildings.

    The fact that this story was thoroughly discredited back in November 2004 as a collusion of imaginative government lobbyists and lapdog media collaborators is completely omitted.

    Immediately before the Queen's speech Blair's government needed to inject a dose of fear into the political landscape in order to enable their ID card and anti-terror legislation to hit the ground running.

    So it was that two Daily Mail and ITN news journalists, renowned for fraternizing socially with Blair's hierarchy, met with government lobbyists to cook up the terror plot and it was reported a week later as bona fide news.

    At the time police and intelligence officials were baffled as to where the information had come from and totally distanced themselves from it.

    "To say we were surprised at the report is an understatement - this is the first we have heard of a plot like this." Another said: "No one has been charged for this so- called plot which suggests it never happened," said one.

    Even Labour's own Peter Hain, the Leader of the Commons, declared the so-called attack plot to be bogus.

    "Despite having the information for several days, and possibly longer than a week, the newspaper and television program held the stories until just before the Queen's Speech, which contained Bills to introduce an ID card, an FBI-style organised crime agency and other anti-terrorist measures," said the London Independent, noting the suspicious timing of the leak.

    In another bizarre parallel, an earlier May 2004 BBC Panorama documentary simulated a terror attack on Canary Wharf, causing many shocked viewers to believe the event was real, provoking hundreds of subsequent complaints.

    The fabled Canary Wharf plot is just one in a never ending deluge of phony terror alerts pumped out at politically expedient times in an attempt to quell dissent against a Blair government that can now only claim the support of 15% or less of the entire population.

    An alleged Al-Qaeda cell was arrested on suspicion of preparing to poison the London Underground with Ricin in January 2003. The government used the incident as a scare tactic to rally Britons behind the imminent war on Iraq. It was eventually disclosed that no Ricin was ever found and all the members of the supposed plot were released with no evidence or charges against them.

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    • The war in Iraq has provided the means to control oil, that does not necessarily mean that our oh so generous government is going to make it any cheaper does it? In fact isn't it a very good reason to put the prices up? Covering for themselves and making a fair old whack because of it too?

    • Load of b*ll*x, Im sorry guys but I know the truth hurts, it hurts a lot but you cant seriously believe that our government is acting out of its good will and PROTECTING us like it should do, I mean lets face it they lie and cheat us out of our hard earned money every single day, every single purchase that you make they benefit from it, theres a lot of people in Britain paying for a lot of things every second of every day, thats a lot of money going to them. So there's our government getting loads of cash from us and they cant even run our basic services efficiently, i.e has anybody ever stopped to wonder about dentists? I mean how hard is it to get an NHS dentist these days? And even then you have to pay some part of it, but we haven't had a drop in our national insurance contributions, isnt that a little odd? I mean an entire service pretty much gone and that doesn't affect how much we give the government. Also isn't it odd that a lot of our MPs have vast interests of stock and shares in military weaponry? We're the ones that pay for the machinery and they benefit individually from each purchase that they make on our behalfs. It is time for people to maybe not believe what the "paranoid conspiracy theorists" but to at least check out both sides for yourselves. Don't forget that history AND current affairs are provided from the victors perspective. There is no reason for "paranoid conspiracy theorists" to make such stuff up as they do, ok there are the some exceptions, but they are few and far between whereas honest politicians? Come on guys, there's plenty of jokes about lawyers and politicians being at home in hell, clues? Who hasn't complained about the government? Seriously, I know that it is a horrible thought that our protectors are actually in it for themselves, but as they themselves have put it, "its a dog eat dog world out there"

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      • Don't bother jeffery,you'll just have redcerg telling you what an idiot you are for having your own mind and thoughts,the bloke is a twat and just sits there looking for anyone saying anything against BBC/sky news,the sun, and 10 downing street and starts branding them crazy conspirators even though these people spend hours every day looking through articles and news stories from so many other sources than the three i mentioned above, the country has gone to pot with everybody too wrapped up in themselves and the 'war on terror' to stop and think where it is all leading,they could take away the NHS and everything else that non well-off people need and nobody would give a toss as long as they feel safe from these 'evil islamics'that are building bombs to kill us all,didn't ever think we'd get like the yanks but i'm afraid its happened.

    • Have you? Are you really sure you have freedom of speech? I think there is no other people in the world who are so naiive as the English who believe they have democracy, freedom of speech, human rights and all the false myths you believe in. You don't have freedom of speech, because you cannot discuss what you don't know. What you don't know is usually because there has been a political cover-up that government, royal family, police and other institutions have decided to cover. You call this freedom of speech, democracy? If only one could become more aware of reality, we would live in a better world and never allow our governments to go to war. The English are always so ready to go to war with the excuse of human rights, democracy, freedom of speech, all things the British themselves never had.

    • You really talk crap! Your age does not give you the right to feel wiser than others. In fact, I think that you are full of crap and have no experience of living with Muslims. Have you ever met a person of Islamic faith? I doubt it. I am not Muslim and yet I am respected and loved by many Muslims I live with. Why? Not only because I respect differences, I believe that they are necessary to enrich human experience. In your case, does your idiotic age allow you to say the same? People like you should either shut up or start living, peacefully and with modesty. Modesty is not considered a quality by many people and especially by many British. You are one of them, self-righteous and narrow minded, arrogant and ignorant

    • Totally agree with you. This government has been using cynical tactics to fire up hatred and racism and the police seems to be enjoying playing a game that has become dangerous and detrimental for the people of Britain. However, most of the people of Britain have passively allowed it to happen. In fact, many of them seem to enjoy beeing in this position of false power, where they have an enemy to persecute.

    • Why is it that in this democracy of so many different opinions, if you say that the government is anyway corrupted you get branded a conspirator and then when it's found to be true we just ignore it and elect a 'new' party?,i believe the government is corrupt and not telling us everything as has been proven throughout history, yet that makes me a crazy conspirator and i just get abused for it?,ok i might not be as OTT as some people on here but if you take them 'conspirators' away then it just takes away the 'opposition' and takes away an ALTERNATIVE VIEW,thats all it is ,it is not just some conspiracy,it is just that some people don't like to just hear a story and believe it straight away,they like to do some research on it which unfortunately usually brings up serious questions which are not shown to the general public,wether they come from a reliable source is a different matter but then what source is reliable?,remember iraq and the wmd's,we all 'knew' that saddam had nukes and chemical weapons because we were told it every day for months,yet this was not true and all the 'crazy's' were right!,i'm on the fence with all of this as it causes too much aggro!,just hope whatever path we go down doesn't lead us to a more unstable country.

    • This and others may have been cooked-up terror scares for internal political ends, but if the Western world thinks the threat we are facing is somewhat less than real we are fooling ourselves. Islamic terrorist forces have declared war on the West and allies, and they are succeeding very well, for besides keeping alive the constant threat of terror, they play on our being the very enemies of ourselves. Our liberalism and our very democracy (or a form of it, previously seen as civilising forces) are proving to be a major weakness in the face of a strategy for a type of warfare the world has never seen before, and all the more deadly for it.
      Another weakness is the West total ignorance of its new and deadly enemy, while the latter has a perfect knowledge of our weaknesses and the use of a technology the West has instructed them in.
      We should be aware that whenever democratic elections have been introduced in an Arab country in recent years, the electorate has put extremists in power regardless of consequences to themselves and the world. How can we then claim that only a tiny minority of Moslems are extremists?
      The justification is that the non-extremist governments in power previously were corrupt. But is that an acceptable justification? It has affinities with the Germans's choice of Nazism as a cure for their degraded society. World democracies and non all know the deadly hand of corruption, but what if the preferred alternative is a deadlier system of opression and new forms of oppressions and inequalities? After all Islamic societies of any hues have traditions and inequalities which would terrify more evolved Western societies. These have persisted unaltered while Islam stood by for centuries, and will continue to do so in the name of order (at any price), but primarily in the interest of their ruling classes, both religious and not. Which is another way of being corrupt to the core, and include oppression and suppression of individual freedom and development.
      While Oriana Fallacy and others may sound too emotional and alarmist, the masses in the West are playing a dangerous game by taking refuge into ad hoc beliefs and disbeliefs, preferring to point an accusatory finger at their own imperfect leaders and systems. Yet they turn a very blind eye to the reality of a world power game being played under our disbelieving eyes, as to who will rule the world next and on who it will favour.
      Mock terror-scares may be a way to keep us alert to a danger the West dare not speak the name of.

    • Once again if this war was for oil, why is petrol more expensive? The tax hasn't gone up so it's not that.

    • javltd. what a lot of rubbish. the uk/usa/israel attacking only for oil come on. and of course blame the jews for any problems thats going on in the world.

    • You really are a dickhead.

      Im working in Iraq right now and have been since Jan 04. Christians dont hate Islam cos its the worlds fastest growing religion. They are wary because people get beheaded by zealots in the name of Islam. These wankers drag the bodies of the already dead (post bombing), and then continue to machine gun them whilst singing the God Is Great mantra. After that, they then go and pump more rounds into their victims heads!! Well, if thats what their god is into, he`s not someone who I can respect. I`ll send you the fucking video clips if you want.

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