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  • A Yahoo! User Jul 21, 2006 21:54 Flag

    Nuclear bombings next?

    An investigation was under way after a newspaper reporter planted a fake bomb on a train carrying nuclear waste.

    The journalist wandered up to the unattended wagons at a north west London depot, according to the Daily Mirror.

    A terrorist could have blown up the waste, sparking a vast toxic cloud that would have killed hundreds, the newspaper said.

    Reporter Tom Parry writes that once a week the diesel-powered locomotive goes unnoticed as it pulls four trailers around.

    First is it irresponsible to publish these details?

    Second is it irresponsible to have so little protection for the train?

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    • How long did it take you to look up Al Qaeda in Wiki and formulate that question? Still doesn't alter the fact that the vast majority of mujahideen were native Afghans!

    • Now Vietnam's economy is heavily reliant on the tourist industry. Most of the tourists are from the US. So who won?

    • ok.... so what would be funnier...

      these two were both in the territorials, and like to pretend they were real soldiers, OR

      they were in the same regiment together and saw plenty of action, relied on each other in life or death sitations

    • The British Press are a disgrace and work in colusion with the Enemy.

      They have no regard or respect for our Forces or for the safety of the greater British Public.

      Remember how they warned the whole of Fallujah that Black Watch were coming? How they printed unfounded stories of British soldiers beating up iraqi's , for no apparent reason, when infact those iraqi's had been launching grenades at a British Base in Basra?

      BOYCOTT the tabloid press. Is anti- british.

    • Martin...

      If you'd care to check, you will see that my postings on this thread were about terrorism HERE in the U.K. My point being that since 9/11 these fanatical terrorists have acheived very little. They have been foiled numerous times and the most they could manage in the years since 9/11 has been the London Bombings. I'm very thankful for that, and appreciative of the efforts of our security services. I do however, think that their job has been made easier because of the sheer incompetence of the terrorist movement.

      YOU have chosen to steer the conversation towards Iraq and Afghanistan seeking to make a point that they are highly effective over there. I strongly dissagree. For a start, they got an absolute arse kicking in both places whilst there was a war on. Once WE stopped fighting and switched to a soft hats hearts and minds campaign thats when we started taking the occasional casualty, primarily to cowardly roadside bombings or suicide attacks. Fighting these bastards is no problem, as regular news reports confirm. Only last week for example, British forces stormed a Taliban stronghold killing all 40 Taliban inside and we received two 'slight' injuries. Imagine the media fuss if the figures were reversed! Dont delude yourself that these wankers are fighters, they are not. Killers yes, fighters no.

      I dont know if you're throwing in that more British Forces are needed to smoke screen your lack of argument, but it's a mute point anyhow. MY point remains: If you swapped these fools for an equal number of equally determined European terrorists hellbent on bringing Britain down we would be on our knees by now. Thankfully we are only up against a bunch of stone age zealots with the minds of insects.

    • Now, now Mummy's little SAS soldier..... no need to cry.

    • Sorry but I find it too extremely hard to believe you. First you are a Hero and Now you are a Victim.....???? what I reckon is that your head is so far up your own arse you dont know where the light switch is or if one exists.

    • Charley ITS YOU who is trying to convince everyone that you were in the SAS.
      A question to ALL: Why would an ex-SAS member want to convince the Internet Community that he was, in fact, an ex-SAS member?? Something dont smell right.

    • Charley, I know lots and will be happy to explain how if you please.... but I'm really under the impression that you are a big time Walter Mitty shite..... I asked you questions that seem that you are unable to answer like for example who was the RSM of 22sqn during Gulf War 1. Thats not even that difficult...... So until you can answer my questions I'm afraid you deserve nothing but harassment of being a Walter Mitty Knobend.

    • Like it or not, highly trained or rabble, they still consider themselves to be at war with us, so the answer to your question is yes. It's take the fight to them or wait for them to bring it to us.

      My point was simply that they are not particularly effective at what they do, BUT once they aquire a weapon of mass destruction they will be, inspite of their incompetence.