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  • dax dax Aug 10, 2006 18:44 Flag

    Survey reveals backing for 7/7 attacks

    oyu know.... I live and work in London, and not a day goes by without me thinking about terrorism. All you ppl having a pop at kerry should be realistic. Muslim terrorists are guilty of attacking and killing civilians without consdieration to who they are, their political beliefs or their religion. It is wanton and indiscriminate. I would think most right minded ppl would consider Israel's actions to be abhorrent, terrorist activity against us will undoubtedly change that, making the Islamist terrorists' goals counter-productive. And anyone who thinks it is right and proper to migrate to another country, with no intention of integrating, indeed with a long term goal of instilling a foreign law onto the local community that is at odds with legal law, is plainly stupid. No other word for it.
    I don't think all Muslims are terrorists. At the moment all terrorist threat comes from Muslims. Thats not bigoted, thats the situation we face at the moment. During the 70s and 80s the same could be said of Irish Republicans.