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  • Shred Master Shred Master Jan 7, 2007 09:58 Flag

    How to bring an end to religiously ordained terrorism

    I think that would start a civil war Mav.

    1000 Muslims riotted in Bradford over relatively trivial reasons. They wouldn't go without a fight and that could cause a hell of a lot more deaths than the london bombings did. The Lebanese Civil war cost 150,000 lives.

    The underlying beliefs that make their faith institutionally violent have to be confronted somehow. And we need a government that will not tolerate institutionalised religious violence. They need to be made to understand in no uncertain terms, that if our culture, and our laws are not good enough for them they should find a different country to live in. But if they are forced en masse to leave they will resist en masse and start killing.

    The religion needs to be put in its place, so that the agression which is demonstrated by many of its followers gets tamed.

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    • We have seen in the past occasions where we have tried to evict unsavoury characters, and all we get is some bleeding heart liberal claiming a violation of human rights. Lets never forget this country is a Christian country, so why should we be concerned about offending other religions. I seriously think it's only the Muslims who take offence.

      I have never seen a big outcry from the British people when places like Southall closes it streets for religious parades let live in Harmony and respect the wish for people to worship different Gods.