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  • widge widge Feb 8, 2007 14:32 Flag

    How to bring an end to religiously ordained terrorism

    I remember a time when muslims where a real minority and just got on with it and even where quite pleasant towards most poeple. Now however, since they have gained in numbers i have noticed the increase in their brashness towards us. We've shot ourselves in the foot really. Our attitude as british citizens is 'hey come on in', 'we'll help you', more of a general live and let live sort of thing. We have given them too much le-way as everytime something doesn't conform to what they believe they play the good old 'offends us' or 'racism' card. I think that they are taking the piss when they call themselves british muslims as nothing about their attitude toward us is in any way british. They want nothing more than to irradicate all that is not islam. It would be nice to find a peacefull resolve but you and i know deep down that they don't want that, already proved that, just look at the amount of terrorist cells in this country and the attacks on us. Seems to me that it's an invasion from the inside, i can see them trying to get into a prime ministers position at some point to gain real power. Everything that has happend has surely opened my eyes to what muslims are really all about. I think that we as a nation have to start making our own demands and mean them. We fight for everybody else's freedom so why not fight for our own.

    Peacefull resolve is highly unlikely as we are the enemy to them, so no matter what we do it would appear that it is destined to be settled by conflict of some sort or other. We could issue a zero tolerance ultimatum and say '1 more thing and your out, the lot of you', hopefully this would make them sort it out themselves. They would probably run home and take up arms but hey, they where gonna try it anyway. To this we would take the good old british approach and bomb the shit out of em. A really good one would be to request that all religions are to cease hostilities to all others until they can prove that their god is the right one and the one that provides ultimate proof will have the entire word converted to that religion, may take a while but would give them something to work towards?

    Anyway, enough messing around. I beleive that they are out to get us no matter what, get rid of em, if it upsets them tough shit, moan about it and we'll shoot you. They do not want to integrate and use the 'British' part of their title to gain a free ride and fund our own downfall.
    Stop taking the shit from em!

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    • The reason we have been positively infected by these fifth columnists who really are fully committed to eradicating Christianity as well as all other religions (and none) is that the Country was lied to by the Mandarins in the Foreign and Colonial Office (as it then was) who represented that the Indians (and by inference Pakistanis) who it was proposed to be given almost unlimited rights of entry were "a Martial race, of integrity and a respect for the rule of Law". As we know, or ought to, the Foreign Office was/is itself a festering boil of "arabist" popular sentiment, and with it a blind willingness to see the "simple beauty" of Islam...you know, hanging children, stoning rape victims.....They didn't distinguish between the Indian people and what we now are allowed to call Pakistanis. The Indians, who are Hindus, Sikhs etc are fine people and fit the description of the Foreign Office. I don't think one word of the description could possibly be applied to Pakistanis. Even the Indians loathe the Pakistanis...and they've got nuclear weapons. The Third Indo-Pakistan War should be a real cracker, and I know who is going to win......us.