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  • A Yahoo! User Jan 26, 2007 08:52 Flag

    How to bring an end to religiously ordained terrorism

    STOP believing in bullsh*t religions and start believing in yourself!

    1) Accept responsibly for YOUR actions.... The devil did not make you do it.. you have a brain you did it!

    2) Accept that like every other animal on the planet once you are dead you are dead...Dog - Mammal, Human - Mammal... ...both dead means DEAD.... Sorry but you will die part of NATURE and there is NOTHING you can do to stop it, so stop being in fear of it and looking for a way to avoid death by believing you will go to Heaven to live!... We are all living to die... it is the only thing people can NOT take away from you!

    3) Accept that there is NO heaven unless you make it in your own life here on this moving rock call Earth!

    4) Accept that there is a HELL they are war torn countries where Men are murder and woman a raped, then have their stomach slit open cause of religionist nutjobs!

    5) If you do not like people to steal from you, kill you, rape you, assault you then you should not do the same to them.. you do not need a religion to tell you that... You do not like something to happen to you then do not do that thing to others!

    6) Accept that if there was a GOD would the world be so fu*ked!... ... IF a father loves his child he will protected his children... CAN NOT see any heavenly father protecting all the Catholic in Africa dying of AIDs or WARS... DO YOU??

    7) Accept that the BIBLE, KORAN and most religionist books are Story books to brainwash and cause FEAR!