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  • Karmachameleon Karmachameleon Feb 25, 2007 03:19 Flag

    So - this letter bomb suspect. Terrorist?

    Roger.Williams 20....

    I disagree with what you have said...this person is a menace and has obviously meticulously planned to cause physical harm to innocent people with a resentment to particular organisations involving the highway and road safety.

    He is not a poor bloke with mental health problems. How on earth could he keep up a persona as a caretaker at a school as his day job and carry out his vendetta to maim innocent people??

    The only thing i agree with you is if this guy is charged with the offences he should be locked up for a very long.

    I also believe that this guy is a suspected terrorist. He has caused physical harm to innocent people by producing letter bombs and sending them to organisations because of some vedetta he has. To me this carries a politcal element and therefore falls within the 'terrorist' act.

    Another thing, if this guy is charged with whatever offences, how on earth has he managed to get a job as a caretaker in a school? What is his background?

    Ian Huntley was a caretaker and look what he got up too. I have a son of school age and i have not much faith in education system as it is and considering home schooling. The double lives that school takers could have is totally shocking. Imagine being in contact every day with a guy who makes letter bombs and wants to harm people. The education system would have questions to answer if he is found guilty and has a previous record of violence etc. I'd sue the damn school!! Now i'm wound up!!!!!

    If it turns out that this guy is found guilty of sending letter bombs, i would find it very difficult to believe that he has no past criminal record. Evil people like that don't appear over night. Sends shivers down my spine.

    Looks such a drip as well, but it's the dumb looking ones that you have to watch out for!!!!!!!