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  • A A Jul 1, 2007 03:29 Flag

    Did the Government set this up too?

    "Would you like to poin me in the direction of a non-asian who has been involved in a terrorist plot in the UK in th elast 3 years?"


    I'm sorry I can't find the link to another website which highlighted Wanted Terrorists and these included some white males.

    I can agree however that most are of Muslim origin, but again you can't say all Asians.

    What have Sikhs or Hindus ever done to harm anyone in the UK?

    In the same manner there are Muslims who are peaceful and only those who misinterpret their religion to become extremists.

    It is these same Islamic extremists who killed and raped many Sikhs and Hindus back in India just because they didn't convert to their radical view of Islam.

    I would just wish the people would not portray all Asians or brown skinned people as Terrorists.

    My fight is the same as yours!