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  • A Yahoo! User Jul 1, 2007 17:37 Flag

    Did the Government set this up too?

    "I can agree however that most are of Muslim origin, but again you can't say all Asians."

    Ok the VAST MAJORITY of terrorist activities undertaken in the UK in the last three years have been carried out by asian males. Whilst members of other races have been involved NOT ONE attempted bombing has been undertaken without the involvement of an asian male.

    "In the same manner there are Muslims who are peaceful and only those who misinterpret their religion to become extremists."

    I'm sorry there is no such thing as a peaceful muslim if indeed they are peaceful they have mis-interpreted the Koran. It contains nothing but violence, hatred and bigotry!

    "I would just wish the people would not portray all Asians or brown skinned people as Terrorists"

    I did no such thing. I stated that terrorism in this country today is an act orchestrated by asian maless. There is a difference.