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    Did the Government set this up too?

    Eye-witness Richard Gray told BBC News 24: "A green Jeep was in the middle of the doorway burning.

    "There was an Asian guy who was pulled out of the car by two police officers, who he was trying to fight off. They've got him on the ground.

    "The car didn't actually explode. There were a few pops and bangs which presumably was the petrol."

    Taxi driver Ian Crosby said: "This was no accident. This was a deliberate attack on Glasgow Airport."

    The reaction of members of the public was not to help the men in the car, but to restrain them, he told the BBC.

    Mr Crosby, who said he served in Northern Ireland, told how he shepherded people away from the scene in case of a secondary explosion or a nail-bomb.

    Two men, one of whom was reported to be badly burned, were seen being led away in handcuffs.

    More Islamic nutters I guarantee it. It's real, wake up you conspiracy cretins.

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    • Sorry, but we noe have to sort out these muslim scum. Their all the same.

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      • The first bomb was found in a Mercedes outside the Tiger Tiger club in Haymarket just before 2am on Friday. An ambulance crew treating a man who had hurt his head saw vapours in the car and alerted the police. Bomb disposal officers risked their lives to defuse the lethal combination of petrol, gas and nails inside.

        Police think that an explosion here might have been intended to draw panicking revellers out on to the streets, where they would be have been joined by the emergency services. Then another, bigger bomb in a second Mercedes among them could have been triggered, causing hundreds of deaths.

        A blue 280E model Mercedes was illegally parked in Cockspur Street, near Trafalgar Square, but was towed to a Park Lane car pound at 3.30am on Friday. The explosive device inside did not go off. If successful, the trap would have resembled the attack on backpackers in a Bali nightclub in 2002, when a suicide bomb led those escaping straight into the path of a van packed with explosives.

        Independent on Sunday

    • You are the nutter to take all this Government's and the previous one's hype on board. It is designed to inspire fear in all of us so that the police state advances little by little and then where will you be. WAKE UP

    • Thank you - you are classifying yourself as an uneducated Terrorist yourself?

      It is not right for ALL ASIANS to be classified as Terrorists!

      With regards to killing innocent Asians in revenge - well what is that going to solve?

      Is that not going to result it more individuals fighting back and potentially becoming Terrorists themselves?

    • "I can agree however that most are of Muslim origin, but again you can't say all Asians."

      Ok the VAST MAJORITY of terrorist activities undertaken in the UK in the last three years have been carried out by asian males. Whilst members of other races have been involved NOT ONE attempted bombing has been undertaken without the involvement of an asian male.

      "In the same manner there are Muslims who are peaceful and only those who misinterpret their religion to become extremists."

      I'm sorry there is no such thing as a peaceful muslim if indeed they are peaceful they have mis-interpreted the Koran. It contains nothing but violence, hatred and bigotry!

      "I would just wish the people would not portray all Asians or brown skinned people as Terrorists"

      I did no such thing. I stated that terrorism in this country today is an act orchestrated by asian maless. There is a difference.

    • Thank you and I agree totally... the bungee cord should however reach down to a bed of very sharp knives.

      These terrorists need to be shown that they have no rights in our British Society!

      I'm a British Sikh but I would lay my life down for this Country, as this is where I was born.

      If only these Extremists would think the same and fight for Britain and not their stupid beliefs.

      If they want to observe their radical views, then they should leave this Country and go elsewhere... as surely Britain is not for them then!

    • "Incorrect... In Fact they have been carried out by Islamic Extremists... including white and black people... who have converted to this cult version of Islam!"

      Would you like to poin me in the direction of a non-asian who has been involved in a terrorist plot in the UK in th elast 3 years?

      Also this is not a cult version of Islam - It's just islam!

    • Amo_UK you are totally correct, being British is more than just the colour of your skin and terrorists come in all fleshtones. The men who were caught today should be given a show trial and then taken to a place of execution and hung from a high rise crane. If possible could someone swap the rope for a piece of bungee cord?

    • "The reason I called you uneducated is because you cannot tell the difference between ALL ASIANS and a percentage of Muslims who are Terrorists."

      Of course I can tell the difference. If I could not then I would have branded all asian terrorists which I have NOT done!
      Instead I said that the MAJORITY of terrorism at the moment is conducted by asians- A statement I stand by.

      "I simply said this will not solve anything."

      I didn't say it would solve anything either. I said it is likely to happen!

    • ...if these people are caught red handed, on camera, in full view of the public, what's the point in wasting taxpayer's money on a trial?

    • sweet, sweetphaedrus,

      Your coarse racist comments are no longer funny. They have been used over and over even before your were an itch in your fathers trousers. I know you have very little imagination and you maybe (maybe?? I think definitley!) retarted but you must understand that you are living in a new century. Though Im not even sure that you know how to live, you merely exist. Remember, you are nothing, insignificant, a mere shit on somebodys shoe until you change your understanding of the world...

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