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  • bogey man bogey man Aug 14, 2007 04:00 Flag

    Terror powers used on innocent protestors

    Cristina Fraser, a student, was stopped when cycling near the airport with a friend and then charged under section 58 of the Terrorism Act. This makes it an offence to make a record of something that could be used in an act of terrorism."

    Whats that got to do with riding a bike she was clearly recording of something that could be used in an act of terrorism. lol

    Maybe the best tactic would be to halt the benefits for those taking aprt in prottests becuase they are not activley looking for gainful employment.

    whinge whinge whinge taff is that all you can do make up stories about police states and "innocent" protestors

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    • I would have to say that the Police case against Cristina Fraser was best described as pathetic. She wasn't charged under the Terrorism Act she was charged with Conspiracy to Cause a Public Nuisance, that is about as thin a charge as it is possible to get without charging her for walking on the cracks in the footpath.

      I find your suggestion that people engaged in protest should have State Benefits stopped quite interesting. Can I count on your support when I suggest that pensioners protesting about the Council Tax levels and refusing to pay should have their retirement pensions stopped??

      Once you try to stop the right of protest then 'free speech' becomes a total nonsense meaning that you can only speak freely on subjects that the Government consider 'acceptable'. This aligns the UK with Stalinist Russia and Maoist China, hardly something most thinking people would want.