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  • bob bob Dec 12, 2007 21:45 Flag

    Is Islam an illness?

    I am of the opinion that Islam is in fact a mental illness and should be recognized as one.
    It is possibly brought about by, or at the very least greatly enhanced by banging ones head repeatedly into the ground many times every day throughout ones lifetime from childhood, similar to boxing injuries,
    and the sufferers should get treatment.
    Maybe on the NHS.

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    • perhaps an injection of lead behind the ear would suffice.

    • Australia are fingerprinting and I.D--ing all their immigrants.!

    • What a pathetic sad little life you must lead,and your right my christian idiot we are taking over with your government at the helm,so if you dont like it go live somewhere else, we did,free homes money driving lessons grant for a car,free rent its great thanks english but you know we will take your country from you and you cant do shit,

    • I don't mind people having belief in religion, or superstition. But I object to having it inflicted on myself. I don't want to heart hem spouting it and I really don't want them killing people for it. Religion should not be allowed to interfere with politics or individual freedom.

    • I think believing everything you hear in the newspapers and from the Government is a bigger illness - perhaps you should check yourself in to an asylum.

    • I thought that Germans were an illness which the British royal family suffer from.

    • Bob,it's the biggest cause of wars that ever was.Hypocritical,ain't it.?

    • Hi lookout,
      Id agree with that entirely and I certainly wouldnt exclude ANY other religion from being described as an illness.
      Worse still, they are all a set of simple control measures carefully designed to manipulate those who are weak of mind and infirm of conviction.
      To clarify the bible bashers strategy is to actively prey on the weakest amongst us.
      Like children and old folks,
      or people who are homeless and in need of hope after disasters, just like they did in Africa.
      Then they set about systematically abusing the converts, extorting money or goods from them whilst at the same time using them to bully or even kill all the normal people who say,
      "dont be such a fool, what a stupid, nonsensical story that is. Grow up!"
      100 years ago youd have been killed for saying that, its as pathetic as the idiots who stuff it down our throats.

      Religions are simply a means of forcing the people to do things they really dont want to do.

      Kneel and bow down to your god.
      Well f**k that for starters godboy show me the evidence it even exists. ????
      A fable or tale is not a god.
      Using that reasoning it could have been the Billy goats gruff, and then we would need to bow to a goat or a troll under the bridge?????
      Another thing is when the amassed weak pray,
      if their god is up in the sky,
      and the devil is under the ground,
      then why do they look down to pray???

      I dont see religion doing good, only attempting to control and enforce.

      Religious types are mental cases and really do NEED help with their problem or secure confinement!
      Look at the level headed President G.W.Doosh, and his chum Tony B-Liar as prime examples of good ol wholesome Christian fundamentalism,

      how are they any different to Bin Laden and his nutty followers?

      god is simply an imaginary figment of a regressed, and simple race of peoples minds?
      All religion brings to the world is extremism, brutality and aggression in the name of a series of fake god creations.

      Im asking,
      isnt it time we were responsible for our own actions instead of consistently using this good vs evil excuse?

    • Yes it is a PROFOUND SICKNESS IN THEIR BLOOD (DNA) that is why they keep their prison-hold on their own and suck others in - and even tighter hold on their own by even circling the wagons by marrying their First Cousins - a HONORABLE Thing for them to keep the belief forced by all means from cracking and falling away from them - sickness and something that came from Genghis Khan's DNA all the way to all those who are so Proud to Kill in the Devil's name but they call it in "God's Name".

      Theorem: Why would God be Proud of HIS OWN "children" KILLING His own Children? IMPOSSIBLE - so it has to be the Devil or Genghis Khan's little demons surviving and carrying on HIS mission through these "teachers" -

      --------- When they kill or harm others or their own - "Honor Killing" --- SO FOR EVERY KILLING or HARMING and also ALL THOSE WHO REJOICE or MARTYR them demons after such deeds also follows this same FATE - > they sell TO THE DEVIL, SATAN, ASSASIN MAN OF THE MONTAIN - every single SOUL of their ANCESTORS, Mothers, Fathers, Daughters, Son's, families, TEACHERS who teach them this "FALSE Paradise thing", - they are all doomed to go to the 7th Hell where even the DEVIL does not go! All dragged down by the chains tied to these single misguided killers! It's better to send them on their way sooner so that their Ancestors and families can join them there right away too!

      They have used the same such terror on the Hindus of India since their hordes invaded India 400 or 500 years after Mohammed died and Genghis Khan took over the Middle East! These NEW GENERATIONS only know of the WIPED OUT HISTORY they are fed by their own - like even the written archives in the VATICAN ABSOLUTELY show Islam was SPREAD BY THE SWORD - just as the HONORABLE Pope said as much - but by invoking MOB Psycho Hypnosys of Rave and Rant - a traditional Post Sword "Terror Tactic" to subjugate MASSES of LOCAL POPULACE in their own homes where weapons are useless, they get away by validating to their own young generation that Islam was PEACEFUL and not spread by the Sword!!!

      But even the KIND God has ordained Thou Shalt Not Kill - but punshment for killing is Death! So be it! Export their FAMILIES out of the country at the SAME TIME to take the bad blood out! They spoil the name of GOOD People Like US!

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      • Hi XJ patel,
        I think that you have written a lot of truth in such a way that it also makes a lot of sense.
        Especially when an issue has been so cleverly engineered to be so confusing!
        I really hope some other folk will understand the message you put across as it is a good message.

        "Why would God be Proud of HIS OWN "children" KILLING His own Children?"

        Its hard to get British people to take account of the historically accurate FACTS you brushed on.
        Most British just cant understand a subject if it was not in the news paper and thats when the usual racist nonsense intervenes as most believe what they read.
        Its a little bit silly of them but the British also forget that if it is in the papers it is in there to SELL the papers and is absolutely NOT ACCURATE FACTS!

        So i thank you, but one sentence you wrote really got my attention.

        They spoil the name of GOOD People Like US!

        I am assuming that you yourself have a bit of experience first-hand of the true hatred which is bred through true Islam.
        Where my post has been accused of being made for racist reasons etc this is the point I was originally making.

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