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    This é a document where I have racolto some, least, of the thoughts and feelings that circulate for the Italian forum yahoo on clandestine immigrant and immigration. I hope are these words a atenzione call next to those which they think in a various way. I hope also that all these ideas and desires single are words and they never return to become made. The content puo to hurt the sensibilitá to dell´essere human. ENOUGH! If we want un' Italy " white woman and pura" voted for the Tricolore." Flame; I speak in the name dell' Italy, of the Italians, Marrochino Outside dall' Italy coglione. The fact surprises me that still does not have broken the culo to you. But sooner or later some racist group the fara `. L' Ended America and `, you have understood? Italian we, instead, are admired from all the world. He lives l' Italy! . Graduated? in what? Prostituzione? Like all the other Rumanians. Think those which it as me they are proud. The Duce lives! Roman Pax lives Romena prostitute. You know very well that Italian we to NOT WANT YOU in Italy. It goes to strike the marcipiedi in your country. Ugly cornacchia scassata. You do not have the right not to express your stupiden opinions in this forum you to me rinse it er pea, even Co the language:) thus my ideas are cleared up to me I and beacon voted for `to risuscitare l' Roman empire Mussolini and `be a great dictator nearly to the par of Giulio Cesar! But as you do not know it? Me I know made sister a slaughter house you de vorte. If you see like godeva. Coglione, you `have already lost. The Alloy rompera you `er culo to you and you moje. You must be a bankrupt one otherwise you did not marry a black one. The women white women have refused to you? Vattene in Africa with your wife and your black friends, coglione with the matriculation. The Tricolour Flame lives! The Duce lives! And then what you make us in Italy? Vattene where you belong. The black persons we want not them here. IT WOULD WANT THE RETURN TO US OF THE IRON FIST CHURCH NOT PUO DIFFENDERE SATANA=ZINGARI AND… VIA EXTRACOMMUNITARIAN DEMONS ZINGARI AND FROM N… EVERYONE IN THE COUNTRIES ON I, REFERENDUM WE MAKE A NEW RACE CAPITAL PUNISHMENT TO WHO DIFFENDE THE EXTRACOMUNIT… WE WANT ETHNIC CLEANSING! ATOMIC IN AFRICA AND RUMANIA AND ALL I COUNTRIES M… WE MAKE A NEW AND CLEANED UP RACE WE ELIMINATE ZINGARI AND BLACK PERSONS IN THE WORLD ALIVE BRUCCIAMO ZINGARI AND BLACK PERSONS SCHIFFOSI AMAZZIAMO ALL EXTRACOMMUNITARIAN AND THE ZINGARI… WE MAKE MASSACRE OF EXTRACOMMUNITARIAN AND ZINGARI CONCENTRATION CAMPS FOR EXTRACOMUNITARI AND… WE SEND TO SATANA THE EXTRACOMMUNITARIAN ZINGAR… AL ROGO ZINGARI AND BLACK PERSONS OF MERDA HUNTING TO EXTRACOMMUNITARIAN AND THE ZINGARI OF MERD… NEW AND CLEANED UP RACE FOR THE FUTURE WE BOMB RUMANIA AND ZINGARI WE KILL ALL THE RAZZE OF MERDA ZINGARI AND TO… WE SWEEP FROM MERDA EARTH STE RAZZE FIRE THE BLACK PERSONS SKUNKS AND ZINGARI ROBBERS. in Europe like puo `existing a nation inhabited of persons luride, thus lunatic, thieves, stupratori, assassins, it soil, and parasites. Rumania would have to bomb it and to make it to disappear from the face of the earth. Rumanians…. FAIRIES SCHIFO. You are incivile people. OUTSIDE DALL' ITALY Son of the great Troy you are in worm, FAILING. Son of whore… is proud of being FASCIST! Fascist we will make to become all l' FASCIST European union! And we WILL PREVAIL! or the Rom or zingari hatred to death, I would want ke Hitler to them came between we he would exterminate and them but of ugly, I feel racist but of worlds, they are stinking as the cacche of the dogs, they steal without I would spit them to reason in face without to stop to me. Prederei them as it made Hitler against the Hebrew… the new race we are only Italian we and enough… speech is worth also for the vù-cumprà one, and the Pakistanis W HITLER HI MEIN FUHER!

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