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  • DuffDeal DuffDeal Oct 31, 2010 01:48 Flag

    UPS Package Bombs

    Ummm so the reporter syas the security services comment was "the bombers would no9t have known where the devices were when they decided to remote detonate them"... Never heard of parcel tracking? Either the reporter is gulable, or the security source is not a resource I would trust my life with...

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    • Two types of parcel bomb.

      The detonate on opening and detonate per remote.

      What the "source" meant was it was not possible to remote detonate in the hand of the intended recipient...irrespective of the parcel tracing website you might have open in your browser.

      Delivered to address, does not mean Mr X actually has the device in his grubby mitts..it could be sitting on the floor in the kitchen and all it manages to do is blow the door off the fridge.