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  • Frank Frank May 20, 2006 03:40 Flag

    Bristol United?

    I am one of those rare Bristol football fans that support both Bristol teams with equal enthusiasm.

    I am not into ritualistic tribal posturing that is a throwback to our ancestors who used to stand on the tops of hill grunting at invaders and is perpetuated by the George Bushes of this world who survive by divide ad rule. I prefer to watch the skills of both teams and their opposition while of course urging our team to play great and win.

    Climbing off my soapbox I have for over 50 years (yes I am that old) thought how a united Bristol team could outperform any opposition and become greater than the other divided city teams like Everton and Liverpool or Chelsea, Tottenham, Fulham etc .

    We all get behind England when they play so why not get behind a real city team and I am not talking about everyone turning to Bristol City FC.

    I think that in 10 – 15 years (possibly too long for some) we could have a true Bristol United Team in the Premier League!

    I have been looking at the Bristol United web page www.bristolunitedfc.co.uk and it is about giving the youngsters a great start in football however I have a vision of some of these youngsters forming a Bristol United teams in the senior leagues and with the support of the football fans in Bristol going on to greater things.

    If teams like Greta can have an average gate last season of 1,312 and based in a town with a population of 2,500 and can reach the Scottish Cup then it is certinly possible for a team like Bristol United to flourish!

    This would of course mean that the Directors of our respective Football League teams should have a unity of purpose and join forces for the greater good of Bristolian football fans.

    How many more years do we have to watch our two divided teams squandering their talent in the lower divisions (note the word division = divide)

    Yes it will be hard to swallow for some who have formed a hardened loyalty to their team however there has to be a change as the modern world of football reflects the rest of the world - those teams with money thrive on their success leaving the likes of our Bristol teams in the ‘third world’ of football.

    I have not cross posted this thread in the Bristol City forum page as I would like the Rovers fans and Directors to think about their positions and to see where years of division has left them, and it is not Eastville.

    Turning to logistics you may well ask where a Bristol United team would play and the answer is St Lukes Road where park land could be used to build a fantastic stadium fit for a city as great as Bristol. It Is near to Temple Meads railway station and with a bit of imagination from the planners it would be a credit to the city esprcially if it were for multipurpose aports use.

    Of course there would be objections from the few people that actually use the park however this could be done sympathetically with the land at Ashton gate converted into park area to compensate. This would also free up the car park area for commercial development that would go a long way to finance the project.

    I am a great believer in the democratic process and would like to see a group of interested football fans to meet with the city council to draw up plans for the future.

    We all hate change however if it is for he better then we have to swallow our differences and go for it.

    Remember earlier I said that I supported both teams for over 50 years? Well I can remember when the Germans were our bitter enemies however it was divisions and poverty that led them to follow Hitler and now they have become our trading allies.

    I hope that you all enjoy this site and resist responding to any offensive comments as this does nothing to further the cause of the beautiful game.

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    • I used to be a city fan now i am a rovers fan but kind of like both, i think your idea is great and it is cool because i thought of that last month.

    • Good post, Frank. Where did you go to?

    • Alot of words there, my words for you SHUT UP, clear off and go and support Gretna, Long live the GAS.

    • uniting football clubs will never happen my friend, its a nice thought but can you immagine every city doing that!! man city/manutd, liv/everton, blues/villa, #$%$/tot, shefwed/utd, you can go on and on theyre there because our fathers and forfathers had rivals and needed them to create exitment a city without a local derby or is tepid. football roots come from locals looking for exactly the rivalry local derby creates,

    • I'd say United you stand, divided you fall/fail.

      In effort of full disclousure, I'm actually an LFC fan, but since I grew up near Bristol (WSM) and now live in the States, I like to keep up with events (including Bristol Sports) when I can.

      When I was growing up, Bristol Football (City and Rovers) was a joke, and that was when City were still clinging to the bottom end of the old First division. You either supporting Bristol (and took the abuse), followed a big 4 team (and watched Match of day), or became a Rugby fan.

      Your plan alone is not enough to get Bristol on the Football map, but its a good first step.

      As I see it got a couple possible outcomes:

      1 - Status quo, 2 limping teams always with the possibility of bankrupcy or demotion not far away

      2 - One team actually gets better management (including board) and steals some or future fan base from the other team. Result one decent team, one bankrupt team, and a bunch of sore fans who saw there history go down the pan

      3 - A merged or United team, keeping the traditions (and hopefully most of the fans) from both clubs, who assuming decent management can at least be a decent Championship team within 5-10 years.

      3.5 - just an add on to keep the old timers happy. Could always form both a Bristol City AFC and Bristol Rovers AFC to battle it out in the Sunday leagues to keep the old colours flying.

    • I am a Norwich City supporter and the only condition I would be prepared to accept as part of a merger with Ipswich is to contribute 50% of the name from each team. So, you take the NOR from Norwich , the WICH from Ipswich and hey presto! you have the new name of NORWICH !

      I always look out for the score of Bristol Rovers as when I was a lad I new that my grandpop ( as he was affectionately known ) was Rovers through and through and he would be turning in his grave at the thought of a Bristol United!

      I was born in Norwich, taken to my first game when I was 8,
      and have supported Norwich City ever since. You choose which local team you are going to support and once you have made your choice, thats it, end of story!

      Mind you, if by some miracle, Bristol Rovers make it to the League 2 play off final, can someone get me a ticket!

      and finally, what is success ?

      Its gaining promotion, avoiding relagation by the skin of your teeth, winning 10 games in a row, winning a game after losing the previous 10 - in other words - it doesnt matter! Its all about supporting your team through thick and thin.

    • At last a true football fan, and a fan of the city of bristol who sees sense. When there was talk of a combined stadium a few season ago I thought it was grand but small-minded people of course soon put pay to that idea. if ac and inter milan can do it...
      Bristol united could put this city on the footballing map, uefa cup at least, and its a shame that petty and selfish rivalries destroy any idea of a bigger picture which would ultimately bring much more happiness to fans, whether former city or rovers: and gates of ,realitically, say 25000 at least to begin with are a real platform.
      go utd!

      • 1 Reply to Tommy
      • live in the real world people, IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN,if the people of bristol really wanted a good football team they would get off there #$%$ and support either rovers or city and give the clubs a chance to get some money in the coffers, crowds of 6 or 7 thousands dont mean #$%$, i love rovers but not enough people in this city care,unless you draw one of the big boys in the cup,then everybody wants to know, reminds me of the daf leyland final at wembley, ive never in my whole life seen that many gasheads in one place,thats what you need everyweek to make the club great as well as a good board and manager, if we were that well suported all the time wed attract better players

    • Well I to am over 50 only just! and I have been a Gas Head since a young boy, To hear of Rovers joining up with City is unthinkable to me. Where did all the big teams start! what we need is a board of directors with real money and future thinking, we have great talent in Rovers but due to money we always end up selling our best players and this has been a problem at the club for as long as I can remember, off course the good players wish to play in the top divisions but with the right management and finance these players can be kept. I agree its not all about money you have to have the passion for the club and want to take the club up the divisions, city done it if you remember rightly so why cant the Rovers, we need the players with that passion and a board of directors with the same passion. The Fans have stuck by the club in good and bad times and thats the passion of the Fan so please do not ask him and people like me to say bye to being a Gas Head and now I am a United fan, no sorry it should never happen. Lets stop talking about a Bristol United and start getting at the board of directors, we have a great manager in Trolls lets give him the finance he needs and the time to take the Gas all the way to the top. Andy Reid.

    • Although I am an avid Rovers supporter, I like your vision and agree that this may be the only way to ever compete with the "big clubs" in English football. Also it would only take about two generations to breed the BUFC genuine supporters and the rest of us can look to the future while not forgetting our history!