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  • Tim Tim Nov 16, 2006 01:26 Flag

    Bristol United?

    I am a Norwich City supporter and the only condition I would be prepared to accept as part of a merger with Ipswich is to contribute 50% of the name from each team. So, you take the NOR from Norwich , the WICH from Ipswich and hey presto! you have the new name of NORWICH !

    I always look out for the score of Bristol Rovers as when I was a lad I new that my grandpop ( as he was affectionately known ) was Rovers through and through and he would be turning in his grave at the thought of a Bristol United!

    I was born in Norwich, taken to my first game when I was 8,
    and have supported Norwich City ever since. You choose which local team you are going to support and once you have made your choice, thats it, end of story!

    Mind you, if by some miracle, Bristol Rovers make it to the League 2 play off final, can someone get me a ticket!

    and finally, what is success ?

    Its gaining promotion, avoiding relagation by the skin of your teeth, winning 10 games in a row, winning a game after losing the previous 10 - in other words - it doesnt matter! Its all about supporting your team through thick and thin.