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    Joe C vs Hagler or Leonard or Hearns & other greats at Super Middleweight

    Joe C vs Hagler.... Hager by KO.
    Joe C vs Leonard... Leonard by points
    Joe C vs Hearns... Hearns by KO.
    Joe C vs Sugar Ray Robinson.... Sugar R by KO
    Joe C vs Carlos Monzon... Monzon by points

    I think these former greats would have beaten Joe C if they would have fought at super-middleweight. Hagler and Leonard were the greatest fighters I have seen in my life time. Missed the times of Ali, Frazier, Robinson, etc... It would have been great to have seen the two greatest fighters that ever lived fight.... Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson.

    "These are only opinions.... which people may agree with or not!"

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    • You're probably right on most counts, but we cannot judge in those respects. Joe beat everybody they put in front of him, many with relative ease. He took on a couple of aging stars in his last fights, but he was an aging star himself. How many more wars did he have in him? Nobody thought he would beat Eubank, in fact many thought we would be talking up Eubank for a long time to come. He dominated men many thought would give him a tough time, like Lacy and Kessler.
      Sure he would have been beaten up by some former stars, possibly. On the other side of the coin, how many of them fought fighters with the sheer volume of punches Joe threw? Anything can happen in boxing, one of the 100+ punches each round Joe threw making it through the guard and catching flush on the chin???

    • paul, u got no clue, sorry mate but its true, boxing has moved on, and its #$%$!! (heavyweight). Ali would have knoked the #$%$ out of tyson and haye. lewis maybe to. Ali was bigger and faster than both tyson and haye!

    • Well you tell me whether any of the current heavyweights could go 15 rounds distance. How can you mark Ali down. He took on the lot.

    • I must say that i agree that Ali was overated, I mean do people think Ali could really get in a ring with the likes of tyson, louise even haye.......these guys have far too much power and boxings moved on, in the older years it wasnt soo skilled based but more bravery based but know people are able to move around the ring without being hit for 12 rounds. JC is definately one of the best fighters of all time in my opinion, he has too much ring craft, i think he would have beaten any of the olden day greats for sure........mayweather too much ring craft, louise too much ring craft...these are the true greats, born in the ring, raised in the ring and know the ring perfectly....Ali ring craft but takes too many punches and lacks real heavyweight power

    • Hagler may or may not have won that fight but neither did Leonard win, at best it was a draw and a rematch should have happened but it didn't so no matter who says what anymore, the judges got it wrong and we'll never know what would have happened if they had fought again. As for leonard being in a different league, you are exaggerating that, perhaps you dont know too much about boxing.

    • yes i agree with your comment about the hagler v leonard fight, i have been sick listening to people for years akout hagler having won that fight, a 70 percent leonard won the fight pretty well i thought, and although hagler was a great fighter he was not in the same league as leanord as regards technique and natural ability

    • "He waited til Hagler had slipped". Don't make me laugh! Had Leonard not slipped. He had fought once in over 5 years and had NEVER fought at middle weight. He also had eye problems.

      Yet he waited until the "right time" to fight Hagler. 2 1/2 years before the Leonard fight, Hagler was fighting Hamsho and looking damn good in that fight. Yes he had two wars with Hearns and Mugabi, but Leonard was 5 years past his prime and also the betting underdog.

      It was a massive acheivement for Leonard and if Hagler was the better fighter he would have found a way to win. Hagler fought the wrong fight. He switched to an orthodox stance in the early rounds and paid the price. Leonard proved that even though he was well past his prime, ring rusty and a stone over his natural weight division, he was the better fighter PERIOD.

    • You forgot Joe C V Duran. Duran by KO 5th round

    • I agree.Joe C was a supreme fighter in his era and always exceptionally well conditioned for his fights but Hagler was something else in his prime. The best I have seen at Super-Middleweight. I have never rated Leonard as good even though he beat him.But in my opinion Hagler was well past his best when he took the fight. I also think Hearns and Duran would have beaten Leonard in their best years.Leonard was very skilful and a very smart fighter when it came to picking his opponents.But he never fought the legends of his day when they were at their peak.

    • Sorry mate: Joe don't compare he was a great champion in a poor era, these are great champions in any era

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