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  • hi there well what do you know.. i am still alive and well. oh no i hear some say.. oh good i hear others.. remember i am the only guy who dares to say what other people think but have not got any marbles to say it.. bon courage.

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    • hi there lifes is good.went to and rode a a race yesterday, the village st chinian in the languedoc roussillion,it was bursting at the seams,, people, visiters, riders, a wedding and in and among a bike race.. 8 laps of a tough route with a big 2k climb, sunny warm weather.. people at the side of the road. lots on top of the gpm.. after the race podiums, winners loosers, fit men unfit men.. but evey where cyclists/public/ no hassles. no agro.. just good local FFc racing.. and guess what.. dopage// not a mention.. no one cares/no one bothers// lets not shoot ourselves in the foot// we can read.. the info is there if you want it/// i say// lets get on with it.. bon courage.

    • hi there yes and that silly laugh of mike smith, most irritating.. ps i am a long time friend of mike smith, we met in the 60's at fallowfield track,, he was a reporter on a local paper, and did the speaker bit when the regular guy did not make it,, he later moved to yorkshire and joined my old club EBCC,, still think that giggle ruined him.. plus the donjon statement... bon courage.

    • hi there well errr if you ask stupid questions like.. why is that rider in a green jersey.. or i am 14 and want to be a racer.. do i have to join a club... my friend,, DD/DH do not like questions which they feel will implicate themselves into a situation where they can be rediculed.. many times i have been quoted not by name but sarcasticly by DH,, i have been riding the bike for 50 years now,, and know all converts with only about 3/4 years in the sport, just get up my nose with ridiculous statements,, i point them out,, but to no avail.. however i do feel that posters like myself /hetchins/huw b do stop DH et al, make DH THINK before he opens his mouth.. keep trying my man.

    • Yes BRF, we had a few numpties at the time, Fausto comes to mind, and James of Romford who got lifted by UFO to Berkshire, we thought Slough and he did get rather nasty.

      It was a debacle that year we ended up with Mike Smith in the commentary box for the TdF with Sean and what a disaster that was, instead of the beautiful cheese and wines we had the breeds of cows.

      I must look up the poems about the erstwhile Mr. Smith, they were corkers, and in the end people signed in as Daisy from the cowshed, and things like that. Its funny now but then it was awful.

      It was also the year Christi Valentine Anderson started getting the better of the commentators, no one seemed to be able to put her in her place.

    • "How do we get ES or DH or SK or even DD to take notice of and to respond to the issues raised here."
      Do they ever answer any of the queries raised in these boards? or are we just grousing to each other?"

      I don't think they read this board ;-)
      You could try marking questions for the attention of Alex Lee

    • Hi BRF, as a newcommer can you help please?

      How do we get ES or DH or SK or even DD to take notice of and to respond to the issues raised here.

      Do they ever answer any of the queries raised in these boards? or are we just grousing to each other? Is it just a "Big Brother" hand that deletes views expressed (seems a bit 1984 to me)

      Regards tomsgrandad

    • hi there yes hemplands is correct,, it all went downhill over a period of about 6 months,, i think it started with a anti Dave duffield mob fighting against a pro mob.. then the big LA doping postings brought it all crashing down,, we were getting various posters using 2 or 3 different indentities,, still looking back it was a great board, the posting per day in the tour were unreal, i recon at least 10/12 pages of postings were put up.. if you missed say 2 days,,, you had to trawl back ages.. must say this is nice and easy now... bon courage.

    • Karen they were very careful to remove all of the old archives. There were a few no brainers on there but it was good fun and because of them is why it got closed in the end and we ended up with the highly irritating board we have now which comes and goes builds up to a crescendo and then is wiped by the click of the moderators mouse.

      BRF and Hetchins probably will remember the hassle in 2004 and the stories therefrom. Lim doing the etape de tour and posting directly to the message board from the airports and from the route. BRF and all the stories about the Northern Cycling Circuit in the 50's/60's it was really exciting.

      I'm lucky, I have a copy of the board from the start until it was erased it makes wonderful reading, from the few people in the first year until the end of free speech. Poor FP in Paris used to be inundated with texts and emails to moderate the #$%$. It was an exciting time in the history of the forum.

      There were even some poetic masterpieces on there, I'll have to find them out.


    • what a shame! Being new to cycling, I do appreciate the knowledge of the long time race followers. It would have been a lot of help if the posts were left in ES archives for us to review. Then new race followers would understand more of the older riders' profiles, past events, and what's happening today. What a real shame!

    • Its been happening for a long time Karen....

      Right back to 2004/05 the boards were being moderated in a fashion.

      Many were done from Paris.

      When the "improved" site came into being and only in use during tours and races it was a darned shame cos there used to be some real cycling stories on there, some of the history that will get forgotten and its going to be such a shame. Hetchins, BRF you MUST start writing all your stories.

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