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    Interupted Cycling Coverage

    I've asked once before on Eurosport but did not receive a satisfactory answer.

    Why is cycling coverage demoted, to the small hours, in favour of tennis, rugby or almost any other sport? Could it be because you don't think British audiences are sophisticated enough to appreciate cycling???

    You're coverage of the Giro has been ruined for me because you have not stuck to the scheduled times in the afternoons when you say it will be on our screens. During the first week the programme was starting late because of tennis and one day because of beach volleyball.......... come on!!!! Beach volleyball.........please.

    The final insult has taken place today, coverage on Eurosport abandoned until god-knows what time tonight in favour of some first round tennis from Paris (kids whom no-one has ever heard of with skill levels that you can see on your local park).

    Not good enough Eurosport, I personally shall not be watching your coverage again which is a pity because I really do enjoy this sport

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    • Hi all

      I have set up an online petition to once and for all try and get some momentum going on this issue. I think it's disgusting the way ES has treate the cycling fans (I'm sure other sports have their issues too) and I will personally make sure that the petition is sent off to the Giro organiser and all sponsors involved.

      Maybe if we get the attention of some big companies who are loosing out on coverage it MAY help.....

      The address is:


    • This happened last year too. It's pretty much a given that cycling will either be show later than expected IF you're lucky or not at all, in favour of tennis.

      If I'm not mistaken there is another Eurosport channel. At this exact moment, while the TENNIS is on at the time the Giro hughlights are meant to be on, the ES2 channel is shoing some nondescript program called Eurosport Buzz.........

      May I suggest to the "experts", that the tennis could have been shown on that channel instead.

    • Yep I agree, I really do hope the same does not happen to the Tour de France, if it does I will really get #$%$ off. Its pathetic why cant they give us international?

    • I agree with all the comments here about the supposed coverage this afternoon!! I had re-arranged my whole day so that I could watch.
      Why on earth does the very early stages of the French Open -or anything else they fancy for that matter take precedence over the final stages of the one of the most important races of the calendar????

      I sincerely hope thar Eurosport will take note of all these comments and ensure they give the final few days the respect they deserve. Particularly tomorrow!

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      • back again - did get to watch the twenty minutes thet served up last night - about three quaters of an hour late. No explanations and not even anything on screen to say it might eventually come on. the tennis was repeated ad infinitum and really stretched out - do they have to fulfill so many hours for their contract with the tennis?
        Now today the Giro is upposedly on eurosport2 now - except it isn't it is Rugby - better than tennis!
        Will they quit the tennis on eurosport at 3 - I doubt it will have to see. At least can watch it on RAI on the puter, unfortunately my Italian is not too bunissimo!

    • about time you had more respect for your viewers! interuping the giro coverage without warning, was bang out of order! makes you wonder why you are paying to watch.

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      • I would just like to add my thanks to Eurosport for the 90+ mins of tennis that I've taped today whilst at work. It's also noticable that np-one from Eurosport has had the common decency (or balls) to come on here and apologise or explain the reason for what's happened today.

        Still, it's only the second biggest cycling Tour, and this French Open tennis tournament does have a habit of sneaking up on you when you're not expecting it. It's not as though it's planned in advance, is it? Has anyone at Eurosport heard of forward planning? In my opinion, in DH and SK you have commentators who make it enjoyable and informative, but it's no good if the viewers can't see it!!!


      • Tomorrow will hopefully be one of the greatest days of cycling for years and British Eurosport will probably screw it up for all the British fans. What really annoys me is that EuroSport show a 3 week grand tour but can only be bothered to show 2 weeks of it. It's like only showing the group stages at the World Cup.

        But I really feel sorry for poor David Harmon having to toe the party line. He clearly said BES viewers would get highlights at 2245, well they've been put back again to 2320. I can't honestly see how the French Open can be more popular than the Giro. Hopefully now that Henman is out the heads of #$%$ (oops BES) might realise that no-one cares anymore in this country until the later rounds. Even BBC 5Live sports extra don't bother with coverage until next week.

        This year sees the Tour De France starting in London and EuroSport can't be bothered to boost Cycling's profile in the UK. Really pathetic. I'm now going to write to the ASO and the Giro's organisers to beg them to let cycling.tv have european rights, at least then we'd get to see the races live.

        Hopefully the rain forecasted for Paris tomorrow lasts all bloody week!!!

    • British Eurosport if your heart is not into cycling then stop teasing, tantalising and taking the PI## out of BRITISH cycling fans.
      Show it as planned or drop it completely.

    • Well said, I completely agree.

      Can't say it more strongly unless I typed in very blue ink - which wouldn't be polite ;)

      chris :-)

    • Come on, we should all be used to this by now for doesn't the same thing happen every year to the coverage of the big tours, especially when tennis and motorcycling rear their heads on the calendar. Eurosport treats viewers of cycling with utter contempt as exemplified by today and then we get patronised by reference to viewing figures etc. Income is and always will be more important to Eurosport than the finer feelings of cycling fans. Anyone who sets a video on the say so of Eurosport schedulers must be an eternal optimist - I gave up years ago - especially after the early classics are over. The events of this afternoon were a disgrace - especially in view of the offerings of British Eurosport 2 (after the Giro coverage was abandoned) which weren't even live, weren't necessary and weren't majority sports in this hemisphere. Eurosport planners should be ashamed but that is wishful thinking. "Eurosport - No. 1 for cycling" leaves a bad aftertaste. No.2 for cycling please step forward.
      PS I hope you found the wait for Tim's match worthwhile.

    • Totally agree with you. I have complained many times in the past about not sticking with the published schedule but never get an answer. We kept our old analogue dish and decoder in addition to the digital one with British Eurosport some years ago. So today had almost 2 hours of the Giro "live" on Eurosport international. Not always the answer because they sometimes let us down bur far less than British Eurosport. Also with the old decoder and dish you can pick up several german channels which do lots of cycling that Eurosport does not cover. And finally with the international version you can avoid listening to Duffield's inane ramblings and cliches from the studio during the Tour de France. Perhaps the best reason of all for not watching British Eurosport!

    • I absolutely agree. The Eurosport web TV listings, the Eurosport live TV listings and magazine listings all had the Giro on this afternoon and I set my recorder accordingly. A great stage, I thought I was safe!!

      More fool me. All I got was some first round tennis match, which I guarantee had an audience of zilch. Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhh!

      Eurosport are mucking us cycling fans about. What is going on?

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