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  • clover clover Jun 17, 2008 19:58 Flag

    Who's Going To Win Wimbledon? You Decide..

    i sincerely hope it will be nadal or djocovic who wins this year.nadal has had a good year so far and it will be a thrill for me to see federer beaten by nadal on grass.don't get me wrong,i admire what fed has done so far in tennis,but i think he does not deserve to win simply because he has given up so easily in rg final against nadal.

    although i am not a federer fan,i would have expected to fight hard to win the french open, but he has made it far more easier for nadal to win.

    my guess is if nadal reaches the final at wimbledon against federer,he will fight all the way through and eventually win.

    as far as the women are concerned, i couldn't possibly make a prediction since i don't know much about them.i just know henin can't win,even though i read on this thread that she is a favourite in the eyes of some on you.:-)