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  • clover clover Jun 20, 2008 14:38 Flag

    what makes a great tennis player?

    is it the numer of trophies they have won, the joy of playing, tactics?

    it seems to me that many people nowadays compare top players by the number of tournaments won. oh, nadal has only won big tournaments on clay,oh djocovic souldn't say anything until he wins more tournaments and so on.

    is it really that big of a deal winning major tournaments in establishing the talent of a player?

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    • It is the skills that determine a good tennis player. Critics say that Nadal is the best tennis player on clay because no one can beat him on clay. Same is the case for Federer. If you watch his matches, you would be amazed with the shots he can hit. The amount of trophies is just the result of these skills compared to other's skills.