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  • mark g mark g Jul 7, 2008 04:27 Flag

    Nadal win in Men's Final

    First Euro '08, now Wimbledon - Spain have definitely prove they are winners in sport. Nadal has done himself and his nation proud by winning in the Men's Singles Final.

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    • I have predicted Rafa will win this year having watch how he played at Stella Artois...his forehand is ridiculous and he is able to force his opponent to stay in the baseline with his deep on the baseline shot...that's incredible and he is only 22!!! He can only progress from here...I doubt Roger can still be number one by end of the year...Roger has reached his max ability...He has been warned in the final last year...and this year French open..to trash your opponent 6-1, 6-3, 6-0 in the final of any major grandslam is ruthless...lolol But anyway, a great macth to watch!! I hope Nadal will win the French open in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012...he will only be 26 years old by then...if he does that...I don't think anyone in this world is gonna break that record...ever!!

    • If you can't break Nadal's sevice game-not once-during the entire match,then you can't win.(and there are no tie-breaks in the fifth,as we all know.)As simple as that.As a Federer fan,I must confess:it would have been extremely unfair if Federer would have won.It seemed to me Nadal could always raise his game.And all of those unforced(forced?) errors of Federer!
      I'm sorry to say:there's no way back from here,Roger!(one of the greatest matches of all times.Thanks for that!)

    • "Give others a chance to prove that they're worthed of winning,and what a match,,,talented young man..CONGRATULATIONS NADAL,,,your country must be proud of you,,roland garros,Queens 08,now wimbledon.God Bless.well done.

    • OMG!!! What a match! I was so nervous, heart thumping and all, especially towards the end. Rafael definitely deserved it, but they both played their hearts out. Will definitely see them again next year!


    • Congratulations to Rafa. I am in agreement with John McEnroe, that was the most incredible tennis match I've ever seen in my life.

      I only regret that Roger had to lose, and his broken heart was showing on his face...that really hurt to see that. It's unfortunate, with two wonderful young men, that one of them has to face disappointment.

      They were both brilliant, and Rafa finally did what he wanted to. What a privilege to witness this final!

    • YAAY! NADAL WON!!!
      He really did deserve it because he tried sooo hard throught the whole tournament!... And he still said really nice things about Federer still being no.1 as Federer has won Wimbledon 5 times, and Nadal has only won once!
      It was a REALLY great game though! I was on the edge of my seat through out! lol!

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      • truly the best game of tennis for a long time and, most probably, for sometime to come. Both great masters of the game both true sportsmen, both deserving of of the title. I would like to have seen Fed. break Bjorg's record but it wasn't to be and the best man on the day won. Congrats to Raffa. Look and learn Murray

    • You're right. Best Final ever, shame had to be a loser, truly awe inspiring tennis!

    • and he definitely deserved to win! even though he nearly gave me a heart attack.:)