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  • Phil Phil Sep 16, 2005 17:58 Flag

    County or Forest who is now considered the best

    With nothing much between them in the league which of these two minnows are considered the better supported, Forest I suppose are still the bigger and have won European cups, but its not that long ago since the likes of John Chiedozie graced the old first division.

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    • County are flavour of the month, Just like to point out I remb a few Forest players giving there wage to County in times of trouble. Forests probs are above management. Times of Psycho, stone woan gemmill Colly and Donk are gone, Sad look at the amount of managers that are x forest now.
      Good luck county a Forest fan

    • not really bothered, support Boro!!!!

    • There is no doubt that County are the better team to watch in Nottingham.

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      • I'll take your word for it......I haven't watched Forest (Other than bits on TV.)for many years.....But I do watch The 'Pies regularly.......my ulcers {created over the last 5 years?}are not yet healed; but I am still hopeful that we will learn to play decent football for 90 minutes +extra time....every game......then perhaps ,in time; they might

    • Chedozie is a legend. Forest fans still talk of the 'great years' when they used to win stuff, but - as i've been telling them for the past 10 years - they are #$%$ now, and are starting to accept it. County have always been #$%$ but we still smile and we love it. There is never a dull moment down at the lane. Forest fans dont have any loyalty

    • As much as it pains me to say this - Forest are the better team at the minute - however they are their worst for a long, long time and are struggling with they league they are in. It's nice to see Forest fans finally waking up and realising they don't have a god given right to be good just cause "we went to europe, we won the cup twice". True their feats in the past have been great and it is sad to see them in decline - they just need a wake up call and they will be back up there in no time. As for my beloved County, we make no excuses, we are the poorer side and freely admit it - however I'm just hoping we could get our finances in order and then have a 4 year plan for promotion. Stability is they key now and I feel we need to sustain and improve each year.

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      • Well put, the sad thing is Forest or County fan you pay exorbidant prices to pay for "players" wages who usually are born out of Nottm or even abroad. I love forest but in my time i used to pay to see sportman now Im feeding wages. Stuart Pearce leaving woan stone and others killed forest. I saw Crosslys face as he left his testimonal Very sorry mark you deserved better.

      • Agree 100%...however we... "Magpies"...have by far the better Manager in the "Iceman"....Compared with Forest we have very little debt and if we could find a good and generous sponsor to boost our managers funds ...to allow him to retain the players that he wants at the end of the season...and bring in one or two better quality players;then I believe that we would rapidly overtake the Reds and have a run of success that would leave them choking on our dust !

    • also raddy avramovic,great keeper.unfortunately the #$%$ are bigger then us.mansfield live in a dream world,they think they're bigger then us,DREAM ON.

    • i remember the great players of old.chiedozie,christie,Mc culloch,benjamin,pedro,o'brien,paul hooks,gordon mair,brian stubbs,and who can forget raddy avramovic.they were the days.