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  • 19th in the Championship and thrashed by Watford.
    You scummers really are the laughing stock of the South Coast.

    What happened to the "don't worry we'll be back up next season" bravado?? I reckon you're headed for League 1 next season, in fact I'm going to put money on it.

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

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    • Well Kevin is keeping the flag flying in the tropics - always wears Southampton t-shirts etc.

    • whatever......fulham are on a comeback, you know im in chelsea, well got a few m8's who support fulham and they seem to think its time for them to start winning...hey hoe, lets see. In truth I aint holding out too much on a win for my team, its gone from bad to worse.....we need to start a new thread, it takes me too long to look for your reply's now.

    • LOL !!
      The same Cardiff that beat you 2-1 last time you met?? Three points is optimistic given current form don't ya think? We've got Fulham away and our side is nearly at full strength. If we can nick 3 from this one I reckon we are on for the great escape!!

    • ummmmm me either......pompey games indeed.....AS IF.....is all I can say to that Tim, and I wasnt really having a go at you, Gary, our new CHELSEA or is it LIVERPOOL friend, assumed I was a pompey supporter............again....AS IF....Who you got this weekend? we got Cardiff at Home, three points from that would push us out of the relegation zone hopefully....

    • Oh Jude we were getting on so well, I was thinking maybe a few weekends in the New Forest, some nice restaurants, catch a few Pompey games etc. Now I'm not so sure we are compatible !!! ;)

    • excuse me..........this is the SOUTHAMPTON BOARD....not bloody Pompey, sorry Tim, (my new and only pompey friend)but your got your own section. Good name for your son though Gary.....poor little thing, you can just hear it in years to come......."hey Jack Daniels - what you having m8". We are very civilised here, its only me....Girly...long suffering SOUTHAMPTON supporter and my friend Tim......fuck off pompey, pompey fuck off......had to just add that little bit for Tim.....he likes me winding him up a bit...hehe. lol.

    • My mate Kevin won't like that - talking to a pompey supporter. Yep that's my youngest, Jack Daniels. I'll update the profile today cos I've got a pic of myself so I'll give the lad a rest heh heh. Some of the abuse is getting very bad on the Chelsea boards. Some people are just posting obscenities. It's a bit more civilised here.

    • ah bless. See some of us are nice, but then again, I did leave southampton for London 15 years ago, and only get home about 3 times a year, pathetic really, its only 90 odd miles away. I just got a little two bedroom flat in the new forest, but just dont have time to get down. Gotta start making more time for me. Hey hoe, life eh. I gotta check out what danny's up to, hes in training right now, I will let you know. Hes got a book coming out to coincide with the London Marathon.

    • Yeah I remember the name, he played under Lawrie McMenemy didn't he?

      My Space is a huge network of web pages, you join up (free) and just post loads of stuff on it like pics and general stuff about you. Then people add you to their friends network and you build up a profile of friends who you can chat to etc.

    • Sorry about the slating Jude!! I take it all back, I didn't realise how nice you were (for a scummer!!!!) :)

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