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  • Jude Jude Mar 31, 2006 17:39 Flag

    A Saint, A Skate and A Chelski

    Hello Boys......this thread is for us all to chat on....the other one is getting tooooo long. So what are our predictions for the weekend, I think the SUPER SAINTS will earn a good 3 points tomorrow against cardiff, (see my other thread about tomorrows game), a little bit of protesting to oust the idiot at the top RL - why cant this man take a hint.......oh....answered my own question there......MAN being the operative word. Oh im sharp today boys, r u ready for me............... give me your worst....

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    • Hi Cheryl, we did really good yesterday, we have now got to mile 17 - Docklands Arena, where danny finished for the day, he will start back there this morning. Realistically though we will get to the finish on Saturday, he was hoping to finish Friday, but, it is so difficult for him to do more than 4 miles a day. Michael Watson the Boxer walked with us yesterday, raised a bit more money, so its all good. I was talking to a bloke yesterday- palace supporter and he said that we should have won 9-2, but the result didnt do us any damage, the damage has already been done......(tim...resist), it was ironic that we lost 2-1 and you won 2-1 though....Hey hoe....Good luck for your final two games, think you maybe in the same position as us though last season, dependant on the final game, final whistle. Jude

    • jude you were unlucky at palace on saturday you deserved to win.how did the marathon go.play up pompey

    • I get ESPN and Star TV Jude. All premiership and Champions League games live. Costs me about 12 quid per month. To keep the rest of the family happy the package also includes: ABC (Australia), 7 Central (aussie), SBS (aussie), CNN (usa), Cartoon channel (usa), Discovery usa), Star world(usa), Star movies (usa), HBO (usa), Fashion TV (france), BBC World (uk), plus a few more. About 26 channels in all I think.

    • Yes...i think its time for a new one. Just had my lunch, god, im sooo bored of sandwiches. Getting ready for my walk on Sunday so gonna try and eat lots of pasta over the next few days...its supposed to be good for energy and stamina, but I dont see that, the only thing its good for is putting extra inches on my hips.....hey hoe. Gonna go off now for a quick game of poker before I do the wages....nice to have you back. Jude

    • I haven't been that horrible have I?? Not as bad as most of that stuff you were getting on the pompey boards.Yeah, seen the message from your new mate. I've posted a reply as well.
      It wouldn't be the same if we were nice to each other all the time, I need a verbal thrashing every now and then!!
      Do think we should start a new thread yet?

    • In a word....yes. dont know y, you have been really really horrible to me the last week. Have you been on your boards? did you see the nice message I had from a lady called Cheryl. What a nice lady, she nearly became my new "P" friend....

    • I'm here, just been a bit busy recently..... you missing me??!!

    • Oi u, aint you chatting to me no more?

    • You certainly get around a bit Gary, do you have all the sports channels or do you listen on the radio to the games / results. Is there a lot of interest in English football on your travels.

    • Oh dear - Birmingham win. Get down Harry; be the first to do it - 2 in a row.Pompey need that win against Sunderland or they're gone I reckon.

      NZ is ok. I lived there before I came here and have 2 kids there, both grown up now and one a mum. Their mum is Maori/Samoan/Irish. I played football and rugby there. Nasty winters at times and that's what it is now. I haven't seen winter for years.

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