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    Right, here is our new thread. Good old Birmingham eh......didnt they do well last night. Where does that leave the pompey boys.......oh yeh....3rd from bottom again.....c u next season.

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    • Hey Jude and Tim - still there? Saints losing all their best players BEFORE they reach their potential? Mandaric selling ALL of Pompey to the Russian? Juventus - THAT'S buying the title eh? Hope you're well.

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      • Yeah I'm still here Gary, hows it going mate?. Mandaric selling to the Russian? maybe but unless I'm not up to speed I don't don't think he'll sell until the end of next season. Redknapp has signed a three year deal and that should secure Premiership status for the forseeable. It's going to be an interesting off season, I just hope we can keep D'Alessandro. He is a real talent but there are two or three teams interested and we would have to break our transfer record to keep him.

        As for Juventus what can you say? There is so much at stake these days maybe they thought it was worth the risk.

        Found myself watching and enjoying the women's England game last night - it wasn't bad actualy. They played some nice football and I hadn't realised how fit some of them were!! :)

        Hows the weather out there? we are finally getting some sunshine at last but it's the usual thing - the minute the weekend rolls up the weather goes to shit!!.

    • Hello Jude. I think this IS home now. I take it you checked the pic out so I'll update it later; got a few from Thailand . The warmer weather will be welcome for you lot. Great weekend here with good drinking buddies: A Saint, a Toffee, a Paddy and a Welshman. Great humour. A few Aussies at times but they couldn't keep pace.

    • Don't worry about Wright-Phillips. Joe Cole started like that under Mourinho and look at him now.

    • heh no mate the message was to pompey fans, as they too have a russion owner. I have nothing against chelsea except for what they did to wright phillips, thoguh i must say joe cole is now superb.

    • hi guys...think its time for a new thread, this ones getting too long again. Gary, you are having way to much fun over there, its time to come home. Weather has been good the past couple of days, hit 28 in central london yesterday....nice..

    • Cut that crap out, there's enough of it on the Chelsea boards. I don't expect it from a Saints fan as there's never been any bad blood between the two clubs. You got players like Osgood and Le Saux from us and we got blokes like Bridge from you. You also made a habit of upsetting us at stamford Bridge. None of the rubbish please.

    • As for rooney, i don't fancy england without him. Theres just no suitable replacement for him, crouch is a player for when things go wrong, like against the argies.
      Maybe we should ask shearer if he wants to wear the three lions once more! At least i don't rate the backups very highly, they just haven't got the experiance and i feel they'll be too easily intimidated.

    • Even with all that dirty money your getting from the russian noone wants to go to a shit hole like your club. It has no history and no future, your just gonna be in another relegation scrap next year and so forth till your relegated, by which time the saints will be back where they belong and soaring high.

    • Agree about Rooney although he has calmed down a bit. Heh heh I just updated my photo - I keep finding them.

    • Ah well. My best mate's a Saints fan so I know how you feel. Looks like Lowe could be forced out soon.

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