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  • A Yahoo! User May 15, 2006 16:06 Flag


    How about Mutu, Del Piero and Viera for starters?? That would give us a bit of firepower!!

    Did you watch the FA cup? - Cracking game, I was gutted for West Ham, I thought they deserved the win. My best mate is a Hammer and I've not heard from him yet!! I'm assuming he is still alive.

    I reckon the womens football could take off in a big way soon. It seems to be getting a bit more coverage these days and it really is good to watch. You don't seem to get the amateur dramtics and diving etc that you get in the men's game these days.

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    • Leave Mutu alone - he's more trouble than he's worth. Milan could be in the poo as well. Interesting stuff.
      Yep womens football is getting bigger all the time and is already huge in the States. My mate Julian from the Chelsea boards used to coach a very successful ladies team out here. No changing rooms either heh heh.