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  • gary gary May 5, 2006 11:41 Flag

    Pahars the Kleenex please

    He said he was in tears when told he'd not be given a new contract. He's had an awful run of injuries but he did well for you before that. I remember him helping you lot thrash us at Stamford Bridge; keep finding the bloody program too. Toss it out and the kids bring it back again. Sad to see him go Saints fans?

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    • mmm you mean once, 60 or so years ago, and the league when there was only like 10 teams playing.....LOL.
      Comon then have you made any decent england players?
      I mean you know crouch, bridge, and now walcott, we produce top class players, as for you go buy some cheap ass kid from zombologolia, cos they're the only ones who'll join a shit club like you, and thats cos they've never heard of ya.
      Oh and i suppose i won't even mention that our fan base is huge compared to yours, even in england.
      Don't forget your armbands when you go diving next year too!

    • Ahhhhh ....am crying my heart out too ......not!!.... sort your life out you sad scummer git!

    • Yeh kinda, like you said, hes had lots of injuries, but he has been a consistent player when he plays. My dad though, thinks George is getting a tight grip and getting rid of all rotten wood, and is making way for a new pier.....(i swear my dad puffs). Life father like daughter, hey hoe.

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      • You should visit me for that holiday Jude. I reckon you'd have a great time here. Burley has a damn good record so he'd have a fair idea of what he wants. Sad for Pahars though.

      • Yeah consistent cr*p..... thats why you are still in the Fizzy pop league......George needs to get a grip around all scummer players necks and throttle the lot (hopefully) ..... ha ha ha ha....arghhhhhhhhhhhh!..... BLUE ARMY THE ONLY TEAM IN HAMPSHIRE.....bet your Dads well pleased....well happily not I hope!!

      • Can only see one reason for the Kleenex..... thats to wipe your ars*s from the crass sh*t you seem to constantly dole out to POMPEY fans.....never mind..... look at it the on the bright side...... yet another season you wont have to pay for your mixer drinks....vodka and COKE, bacardi and COKE,....sh*te and COKE ....just about sums up the scummers...loooooosers! Smug as a bug......Blue army!!

      • Its a shame, but he's like ole gunnar soljshar (i really don't know how to spell his name) excellent before all the injuries got him down and now at an age where it's hard to recover. He was awesome but i suppose we're on a shoestring budget even with the money won by that kid. I bet it went straight into the chairmens pocket rather than actually being spent on good players, i always rant about this but where the hell did the money for crouch go?
        We could have had a top class striker in morrison earlier in the season when we got that run of draws, for a 1/5 of what we sold crouch for.