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  • Jude Jude May 15, 2006 16:53 Flag

    Right Boys....im back - have u missed me?

    Hello Tim and Gary, I have been a bit quiet the last few weeks, had a bit of time off and trying to get the flat down South sorted. Nightmare. So did we all have a good weekend, what a game on Saturday eh....thoroughly enjoyed it. Puts it all into perspective really.....beautiful game, great players and fans, lets hope we can take that to the World Cup. I got a feeling.......im gonna check out the odds today on England going all the way. What do you guys think of our chances?

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    • She's not getting a head massage Jude. Lucy is a village girl and would not fancy that at all. She'd think I was mucking up her hair. As for European success let's see what next season will bring. Barcelona have a great squad too and got the luck you need in a knockout competition. Anyway - plenty of work to do today.

    • yeh....congratulations to you and your wife on your 2nd boy, now more than ever, she needs that head message Gary. Well done m8. Yes, I didnt like Bates at all, arrogant...he wrote the book on it, and when he banned tv, he was really taking the piss, but you boys have got a better owner now, and good prospects for the future, oh, you can only win the championship though eh....nothing else...hehe, oh im back to my normal playful self........bring it on

    • Nice one Gary, all the best to you and the family.

    • Oi Oi - Terry Daniels arrived at 2:30am local time. A playmate for brother John. I'm knackered and mum probably is too. I was there and cut the chord. As for master bates Jude, I hate the bugger. He bought the club for a quid, taking on the debts. When we got relegated he put the price of seats up. For one game we had to buy a dinner to get a ticket! He banned Ossie and Chopper from the ground and, when Abramovich bought the club, the debt had spiralled upwards. Leeds deserve him.

    • Hiya Tim, firstly, sod the diet, once you get out there in that heat, running around, beach, etc, the weight will fall off and you will look lovely all sun tanned and fit when you return, who gives a shit what you look like on holiday.....and secondly, Gary does not need any more encouragement to spend more time down the boozer....his poor woman, im gonna stick up for her now, Gary, cook her a nice meal, soak her feet and give her a nice massage, wash her hair (do you men have any idea how nice it is for a woman when a man washes her hair)?, no...i didnt think so, believe, its wonderful. On MY teams news.....looks, hopefully like Rupert Lowe and his bumchum CW will be out, this general meeting that Wilder has called appears to be going in the right direction, hey hoe.....fingers crossed. Didnt watford do good yesterday, im getting excited for the world cup now, definately gonna have a small bet on our boys, still got this feeling something good's gonna happen. Right im gonna do some more work, thank god its a bank holiday next week, I need a break, oh tim, put some iodine on your cuts, it will heal real quick. Speak to you later. Jude

    • I'm still around Jude, just not got much to say at the mo. Still keeping an eye of the boards every now and then so mind what you say!!. Feeling battered and bruised today as I came off my mountain bike on Saturday and gashed my arm and leg, my mate said the gash in my arm made him feel sick so at least it wasn't all for nothing!!

      Counting the days to my holiday at the end of June (going to Egypt for some sun) and getting frantic about exposing my manly belly on the beach. Thing is if I diet I'm a miserable git so I'm just trying to exercise and tone up a bit, sad really !!.

      Looks like Pompey have some dosh to spend, reportedly 30mil and Harry is as usual concentrating on midfield and strikers. Please for the love of God Harry will you just listen and spend some cash on defense.

      Good luck with the iminent arrival Gary, at least you'll have an excuse to go down the boozer - to wet the baby's head!!!

    • Hi Gary, Tim I think has gone on the missing list.......perhaps thoughts of another season ahead with his boys dragging their arses along the bottom on the premiership has sent him into a deep depression....come on Tim...snap out of it, we miss you....
      Good luck to your poor wife with the imminent birth, bless, two words spring to mind "gas & drugs" Did you watch the championship play offs yesterday, well done to Watford, their manager has had a brilliant season, shame on Leeds though, but then again, did we really want Ken Bates in the premiership again, whats your thoughts gary, being a blue, what do you think of Ken?

    • A normal Monday - hungover and the misses is pissed off cos I spent too much of Sunday down the pub. We don't expect any terrorism problems here as they'd probably get mugged and have their explosives nicked before they could do anything. Also the mobile phones don't work half the time. Doc says the baby will pop out any time now.

    • I suppose its the rule all over the world now, you gotta be aware of your surroundings, god knows who's standing beside you and what terror they can bring. Im getting a bit jittery thinking about summer coming up here, I get a train into charing cross each day, then tube to victoria and then bus from victoria to kings road and then back again, anyone with a hordal or bag or suitcase, you immediately think, shit, whats he carrying..........u just dont know what to expect from one day to the next. What a wicked wicked world man has made. Well, TGIF eh.....Big Brother 7 has just started over here, so thats my summer sorted what with the World Cup. Weekend is here, I hopefully going to get away from work early today, so I had better make a start on some work. Have a great weekend m8, and remember, take good care of the wife of yours, make sure she puts her feet up a bit, shes gonna have enough running around to do when you next child is born. Be safe - Jude

    • Who knows where I'll end up Jude. I certainly don't miss the winter weather. As for the world cup they'll have a decent crackdown on the neo nazis and let's hope it works out ok. Just saw an interview with a black German immigrant who said "it's not that bad just treat it like normal life and be careful". Pity South Africa didn't qualify as I'd like to see the skinheads try to take on a group of Zulus eh?

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