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  • Jude Jude Jun 8, 2006 16:52 Flag

    They deleted my message

    Gary, can you believe they deleted me, was it because I had the word FUCK in the heading do you think, bastards, I hate, detest, resent, both of the two fucking wankers, come on Mr Wilde, get rid, take over, restore some hope and passion in our team. If those two are not gone by the start of the season............i have promised my godson I WILL SUPPORT CHELSEA.........Mr Wilde, please, please please, I cant support Chelsea..........help. Oh I could go into that rendition of HELP, I NEED SOMEBODY HELP, NOT JUST ANYBODY, HELP, I NEED SOMEONE, HELP. Mr Wilde, we love you already. You are the Man

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    • Now now you two. Interview has been changed to next week. Bloody hell! I'm in meetings all bloody day so don't get much chance to come on the boards much at the moment.
      England v Ecuador next eh? My guess is either Portugal or Holland after that. England have to improve! As for the young Chelsea players, Jude, one example could be Scott Sinclair. He was banging the goals in for the youth team and the reserves last season. Looks real class.
      Right - time to check all IT systems are working OK and then I'm off to my daily meeting.

    • blah blah blah blah blah blah....like we wanna hear about portsmouth on this board......stop it timothy.
      Have a wonderful holiday, I had a week off last week, really nice weather, but not the same unless you leave the country....have a good one m8. You know where we come onto this board via championship tab......i said stop it tim......well they now got a tab for the fifa world cup and I have started threads on there now.....I got the scottish contingent after me now....how do i get everyone hating me? i had the buggers at chelsea the other week giving me stick and that bitch is still after me on the bb7 board....hey hoe, brightens up my day. Good to hear from you again Tim, come back anytime, but leave portsmouth on their boards please......x

    • HEY JUDE
      WHATEVER you do stay here , stay supporting Southampton but don't stay cool! Some of us don't write but we read and we agree! John

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      • whey hey.....I come back from my little holiday down in Southampton and look Gary, I got Southampton supporters writing to me................yeh......at last.
        Thank you John, if some of you agree with me, dont just look and read, come and chat, Gary is our resident Chelski supporter who goes on every board and is a solid "Geezer".......did you like that one Gary, however, he is an expat, but his mate is a SAINT. John, I will always and forever be a saints fan, cut me and I bleed in red and white stripes, this is my only avenue to express my grievences. Glad you like them.

    • Some idiot would have reported the post to Yahoo Jude. Try the Shed:
      You can swear and the spammers etc are banned.

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      • but its only me and you who come on here Gary. I bet that bloody woodward crawls through these boards. Wankers the whole lot of them. Guess what happened to me yesterday, I went on the Chelsea boards and told your fans that should lowe, woodward and that other idiot not go at the next AGM, that I was gonna become a chelsea supporter, well, half of them thought I was someone else and named a whole thread about me, I got some cow on the tv boards slating me called bloody paulinebetts (bitch). Oh god, who cares, Im off on my hols tomorrow, well today 5pm actually, only going down to the new forest for a week, but it will be lovely. So, I probably wont be on here much next week. Speak to you later mate...COME ON ENGLAND