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  • Jude Jude Aug 11, 2006 17:12 Flag

    5th and Climbing

    Well, this is a very nice start to our last season in the "Fizzy pop leage". 5th today, and if we beat 6th place WBA tomorrow, well, I think we can certainly say without tongue in cheek, were on way up. Stay tuned, you know im gonna keep you all informed of my views. Good start Mr Wilde and the new board. We support you all the way back the Premiership. COME ON YOUR REDS

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    • Timothy......as you know by pompey friend, im on my holidays this week, down south, well, just had to come in today and read these messages, thought actually I would have come into see lots of gloating.....Tim, I cant believe your second, and I got to give you respect for that, but you got a few other teams on the same points, sooooooo its possible you wont be 5th after 3 games, however, if you are, I will continue to respect your boards and not leave abusive messages, however, I doubt you will be 5th or higher, so im looking forward to coming and abusing the lot of you very shortly. Back at work on Tuesday and will look forward to your reply. Have a great weekend mate, speak to you next week. Come on your REDS.

    • Nice result for the Saints, I didn't see the Pompey game and by the sounds of it I didn't miss much apart from Pedro Mendes getting knocked out.

      Still, one point keeps us 2nd in the Premiership and 5 places above Chelski!!

      Message to my mate Jude - I hope you realise that we now have to drop 7 places next Monday for you to win our little bet!!!

    • Well, actually the match vs. Yeovil is now 2-1 Saints, First Half. Own Goal for the Yeovil newboy and Skacel. Actually! Make that 3-1 now! Wright-Philips just joined the party! HAHAHAHAHA!!! Very nice.

      Pompey vs. Man City now, 0-0, First Half. Will be watching that one closely! Hahaha!

      Preston North End on Saturday will be a good test for the Saints. They are scrappy and a tough beat. Rasiak has already called the boys out, saying unbeaten in 4 is not good enough when you only have one win. Hopefully this does something good!

    • LOL Harry = entertainment and no mistake!!

      To be fair we created alot of chances even when they had 11 on the park but it wasn't really much of a contest.

      We are away against Man City on Wednesday so I think that will be a better indication of where we are at as a team as they will be wanting to give James a hard time and will be smarting from that thrashing by Chelski.

      Good luck against Yeovil tomorrow, if you can't see three points from that one I'd start to get worried if I were you!!

    • Just wait until the next match. They take off their training boots and get to play against 11 men this time. Should be interesting.

      Loved Harry though. Gloating as usual...we were dominant, we won the match in the first half, I think Mark knows that, etc. Hahaha... The Ray Winstone of footie managers he is! Hahaha!!!

      Saints crush Yeovil on Tuesday.

    • OK I'm gonna gloat now because:

      POMPEY ARE TOP OF THE PREMIERSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I need say no more.

    • Hi Jude! Thanks for the welcome. Yeah, I was shooting my mouth off on this board last season as well. Hahaha... Helps me talk the game with people since I am stuck in the land of NASCAR and over-inflated salaries. Hahaha...

      Now for our Pompey friend, lookie at this. Now I know the BBC's Lawro can be a wonk at times, but he is right more often than not. I like what he has to say here:


      Lawro's verdict: Because they finished well last season, a few Pompey fans have started looking forward to great things next season.

      But it's still going to be tough for them. Harry Redknapp will want to get a couple of strikers in before deadline and they need to make it "fortress Pompey" again.

      The fans will want a bit more than just staying up, but whether they'll get that, I'm not sure.


      RA-HA-HAA! I get Premiership games on the telly here (sadly no Championship matches), so I will have to satisfy myself by watching the Pompey beasts lose. Hahaha...

      Say Jude, have you heard about the Saints Trust yet? Go here! You might be interested in joining!


      Be well, all of you, our Pompesian friend included! ;-)

    • Tim, as I have said previously my little blue friend........lets have this conversation after your first three games. We will compare places, points etc, and your realistic chances of staying there for another year. Dont forget, 27 years and counting, you got a long way to go before you can claim to be the South Coasts best team. All the pundits that I have read have pompey dragging their arses again come the end of the season. Game on my friend, game on. SOUTHAMPTON TRAAA LAAA LAAAA SOUTHAMPTON TRAAA LAAAA LAAA, Oh Tim, 2nd rate fans, that aint true, fan power got rid of the idiot at the top remember. This is a fans club, and were rising..........jude.....ps, have a good weekend m8, im off next week, but believe I will log on just to see what messages I have from you following your first defeat of the season..........ooopppsss

    • Oh praise the lord............SUPER SAINTS have another supporter on the Yahoo boards. Welcome Disappearhere. Come on anytime and leave your messages, Axatim is a friend I have picked up over the past season, his only downside is that he supports Pompey, and our other friend Gary, who for all his failings is a Chelski supporter. Come back at any time.

    • LOL you scummers really make me laugh. You're only three games into the season and already heading for mid table and below yet you're still banging on about getting promoted.

      Please for the love of God give it up, you are a 2nd rate team in a 2nd rate division with 2nd rate fans (no offence Jude, you are the exception to this rule). Your lot play with no passion, determination or purpose and it will be a matter of time before BWP gets lured into the Premiership and lets face it, he is your one and only hope of getting some results. I hope for your sake that he's not injured early in the season.

      Memories of the the Pompey-Saints glory days are all you likely to have for now as the only place we are going this season is into Europe.

      Perhaps it's time to change colours my friend and step over to the Blue side, our fixture list and our club's future is a tad more exciting than yours!!

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