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  • Jude - are you going soft on me? I was expecting a torrent of abuse from my last post. Tell you what, if Pompey are lower than 9th after three games I promise to never use the 'S' word (Scum or Scummer in case you were wondering) in any of my posts ever again. However if Harry's blue army are higher than 9th then you must bow down to our Premiership superiority!!!!!! What do you say?

    Anyway how are you, been up to much recently?

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    • Bow down to your premiership superiority.....yeh right.......I will promise, that IF.........and its a big IF, portsmouth are higher than 9th after 3 games, i promise never to enter your boards and abuse your fans again......well not until the end of the season anyway. hehe.
      Im good babe, not much happening up here, dont know where the bloody summer has gone too, im down for a week next week, still trying to sort out my little place in the New Forest, still aint got a fridge yet, expense expense expense, thats all I got right now. Glad Liverpool beat Chelski yesterday, poor Gary eh. Just been out for a bit of lunch, feel stuffed now, im gonna go and do a few answers - have you been on the yahoo answers - never got into the myspace thing, but I notice loads and loads of people have, im trying to understand blog at the moment, im not very technically minded, but would like to do a SOUTHAMPTON/LONDON blog just for me and my friends (you could be included in this - just send me your ripped up season ticket)........and I will send you a SUPER SAINTS badge and, if your lucky I might send you a car sticker as well.