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  • Jude Jude Sep 18, 2006 17:14 Flag

    Any London Saints going to Millwall 2morrow?

    Oh....aint we doing good.....Just wondered if there were any London based saints fans who are going to Millwall tomorrow night, I only live about 10 minutes away, and feel to go and support our boys....but dont know the ground at all, where do i go for tickets, where do the saints fans go? is it wise to go to Millwall......come on guys and girls.....give me the info.

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    • I'd be a bit careful at The New Den, Jude. That lot are stuck in the seventies. Don't go by yourself would be my advice.

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      • Hiya Gary, thanks mate....they are not still "bushwacking" are they.....i was gonna go down there on my own as well, they have had a real drive at getting south londoners to the stadium, i think they have a woman marketing manager and she has reduced prices and they are trying to change the club, dragging it into the 21st century, perhaps i wont now.....dont look like we got much support this year on here does it, looks like it could be me on my own again this season. Were doing real good.....ssshhhhh dont say it too loud............ Hows things your end...have you settled in yet, whats all the gossip, how are your family? speak to you soon mate, Jude.

    • come on guys......anyone on here this year?