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  • Morning Jude, long time no speak. Felt for you on Saturday, can't be easy to be this close and see your team lose at home. I'll bide my time for now and post some appropriate comments after Tuesday night!!

    As for Pompey not getting into Europe, I for one am glad. Unless we have a significantly bigger and stronger squad for next season we would have suffered with the extra games so I'd rather we concentrated on the domestic stuff myself.

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    • Hiya Tim....yeh long time m8, where have you been hiding, Im still here...fighting Southampton's corner.....I should be on the bloody pitch the punch Pele right in the gob.....bastard...how stupid..handed them a lead going into tomorrow nights, but im ok with that as well, as you probably know, we are the leading goalscorers away from home...and as i see it...its half time, 90 mins still to play and we are only 2-1 down....still got loads of goal scorers...however will miss Kenwyn, he has been great for us, but still have best, wright phillips,Saganowski, Rasiak, Surman all capable of scoring, just need a few good back bones......Down to the stubs on my fingers.....hows a girl to cope with the pressure of play offs. COME ON YOU REDS