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  • A Yahoo! User Aug 13, 2007 15:11 Flag

    Nice start to the season

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Bottom of the league, get used to it losers because your going nowhere.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha

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    • Probably a blessing in disguise that result. Concentrate on winning promotion.

    • Thanks Gary....Its now 2 in a row....bloody peterborough...hey hoe. The team looked ok last night, the keeper kinda knew where his goal was, bradley and nathan were trying, just couldnt finish, and even though I say it myself, we were the better team. However, being the better team but not taking our chances wont get us very far. Stick with burley everyone keeps saying, i would love too...but somewhere the board/chairman have to consider the managers comments, surely he is saying enough is enough, we have sold too many of our players and it will take at least 2/3 seasons to develope a totally new team of nobody's.....Yes we played the better football, passing was good, skecel is a very good passer of the ball, one question I keep asking myself though is why does burley not ever play Saganoski and rasiak together, quite big guys, both good in the air, both proven goal scorers, pop those two in behind dyer and wright phillips and we may have a good up front combination. Midfield werent that bad, but we really need two or three good strong big defenders. Jude

    • With fans like you they'll be fine, Jude. Hang in there, it's only one loss.'m confident you'll get back up.

    • That's not very nice, Tim. Coming to Stamford Bridge this weekend? Not looking too good for you lot either.

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      • Could have been worse for us, but we do have a run of unpleasant fixtures coming up so I won't be expecting more than a couple of points at best from the next 4 games.

        I'd love to go to Stamford Bridge but the missus is starting a new job and training on Saturdays for the next few weeks so I'm home alone with the little uns, I have enough trouble trying to get to Fratton Park let alone away games these days. Aaaarh the joys of parenthood eh?