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  • Jude Jude Aug 13, 2007 21:58 Flag

    Nice start to the season

    Cheers babe....n1
    Well I will continue to be the ever optomistic person that I am.....but its hard...and we are only bottom of the table coz we are SO and Sheffield are SH, I would prefer to be known as joint third from bottom....oh god what am I saying now....Well lets hope we can beat Peterborough tonight...My old man is hating me at the moment, I had Soccer AM on Saturday morning....will just add...TIM LOVEJOY is deeply missed, Helens good, but dont like the new guy, then had the two matches, plus all the results coming in, then match of the day and then yesterdays two games I watched and i just booked my space infront of my 42" for tonight, not a happy chappy and its only just started. Chin up bird, hold my head up high and hope and prey for the turnaround.