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  • Absolutely a dismall performance, wtf....5-0, great manager we have got, keep the faith says the board....yeh right, try being a fan/supporter. We cant help where we are born, and if we are true to ourselves, we will support that team through thick and thin............but help please....coz im close to bordering on anorexic. Nigel Pearson, my mate Terry V tells me is a good coach, give him time, jeeezzzz Tell........how much time have I got to give him. The heart is being ripped out of my team, players who cant play, dont want to play, for whatever reason.....just are not a team. Lawrie FFS please come down from that boardroom and instill a bit of passion in my players, please, before its too late. Didnt like that little dig at Matt on SKY SPORTS1 from Jeff Stelling on Saturday afternoon.....just about to talk about the league one teams and Matts told by Jeff "take a look Matt....your team could be there next year".....yeh...funny funny funny....but possibly true.

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    • hey, i live in newcastle and whatever happens to the saints, i will still support them, its in the blood, what is needed at the club is new life, get rid of the board, they are holding out for a rich man to come and buy the club, so they can walk away with some cash because their shares are worth nothing, but what they forget is they will not get a good price if we are in division 1, rupert lowe is still behind the scene running the club, it was him who said no to ransom's bid for the club, maybe when we are out of money and the ground sold to some greedy landlord, maybe southampton supporters will wake up and think where is my club, instead of looking across the m27 and shouting scum, you should be calling the board that, sanj.

    • cant win matches but your players on good money can steal from some not so well off workers, they should be sacked , so will you call them scum , cos thats what they are

    • Jokes, digs and rivalry aside I really feel for you guys. How is this being allowed to happen???

      What is it going to take for someone to lift this club, it sure doesn't seem to be down to cash or resources or a crappy stadium - so what is it? There is plenty of talent in the team so why can't they play as a team?

      Much as I loathe the team I can't stand to see history and passion being lobbed in the bin - it just sucks.

      We're doing quite well though eh??!! Sixth now and the FA semi to look forward to - what a contrast.

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      • its simple the rot set in years ago and instead of a clean sweep thier just pasting over cracks . i wonder how much power the manager actually has not one of the board of so called fans are prepared to stick thier necks out . hate to say it but we are starting to look like leeds and forrest going all the way down and no one on the board seems to care . i mean up to 6 months before a new influx of cash . the writing has been on the wall and the fans to sympathic to peoples feeble excuses . time for saints fans myself included to wake up to the reality of life under these ******. did that because words fail me