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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 1, 2008 03:01 Flag

    Where from here?????????

    What happens now then??

    A huge show of strength from the players??

    A vote of confidence in the manager from the board??


    Business as usual and saints get relegated into league one.

    What's it to be Southampton?? Where are all the Saints fans?

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, much as I hate the club the fans (if there are any left) deserve better.

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    • well, at least i will be able to watch the saints when they play darlington next season, its a better place then boro, hehe, come on you saints.

    • In thwe words of Status Quo..

      Down, down, deeper and down !

    • Im clueless Tim....Dont know what to say, RL is trying to get his dirty little hands on our club again, the shares are worthless so at the moment, to sell, they wont get anything, One point off third relegation place....not looking good, my dad, my uncle and my grandad have not renewed their season tickets, waiting to see what division we are in before they spend a grand each, pitiful. Only hope seems to be Wednesday loose some points for fielding too many players last weekend, I doubt that will happen though. We dont deserve to be in League 1, but right now, are we good enough for the Championship, whatever happens, its in my blood, so I will support them whatever.....but its looking less likely we will be in the championship come the end of the season, but then there is always hope....BOB HOPE AND NO HOPE my old man says...but im ever the optomist.....Hate to say it......but........good luck to you and yours on Saturday.....secretely routing for West Brom, but...hey, got to hand it to you, your team is doing well. (just choked on my tea and crumpets)....