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  • You have no idea how long I've wait to see the S C U M in the bottom three of the Championship.

    I thought it would make me so happy and my life would be complete but somehow when I look at the table and see them in the bottom three poised for relegation I feel, well....................................nothing really. Weird.

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    • You are not happy because you do not support Chelsea. This means that you have missed out BIG TIME. You've had no Chopper, No Ossie, No success and, most importantly, no Shed. I recommend prozac.

    • wow i agree with tim no true fan likes to see others suffering because of idiots in charge while the idea of pompey being relegated is great the true fans i would feel sorry for . as to global warming your a idiot a 15 metre raise in sea level would wipe out half of england .and for the guy dragging up 4 1 thats history which now allows me to say 27 years in the top flight come back when u been there that long only 23 to go to equal us maybe you will have your new stadium by then

    • hey tim, your life must be so sad if you take pleasure in a football team being relegated, i wish climate change would speeds up and that little island called portsmouth disappears into the sea, where the mary rose once laid, i will be laughing at you then, red and white all the way.

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      • Read my original post you noob - It says 'Why am I NOT happy'. If you can't get that then I suggest you try a less challenging form of communication and build up to reading and writing when you are ready.

        Seriously are you telling me you wouldn't take pleasure from Pompey being relegated?

        I'm a Pompey fan and will always take delight in seeing the demise of our rivals it's natural but I never said it would make me happy and that's the irony - I guess it's because I feel for true fans like Jude who live and breathe their team and deserve better.

        Go find another board to play on and come back when your a big boy.

      • The island is called Portsea, but you're too dumb to know that geordie boy.

    • tim u i can understand you have been here all season as to the other two that just turned up try posting on your own boards im a saints fan for 42 years so far . you seem to forget until a couple years ago you were struggling so stfu an stick to your own boards . were siock and fed up of the way the club is run not the team . your lucky that you got a rich owner . where as we have a bunch of leeches . no way will i call them scum . IM PROUD TO BE A SCUMMER thier not .so take you childish insults to someone who cares what you think . TIM at least has been here all season . the state we are in si down to bad management of the club as a whole and even if we end up in the conference playing non league i will be there .
      mind you one question skates < other than tim > wheres your new ground 4 years you been promised that. at the moment on and off the pitch southampton fc suck BUT THIER MY TEAM . i havent been around much due to work but at least im STILL PROUD TO BE A SCUMMER

    • It is strange, even the scummers don't seem to care.

      Compare them to Pompey's fans 10 years ago when AB got us safe on a last day win at Bradford.

      Don't seem to be any passion or belief from them.

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      • you know what.....FUCK OFF THE TWO OF YOU....wtf you on here for anyway....probably rupert bumchums.......Dont care......you have no idea mate the hurt I feel today being where we are.....im a saint till I die......whereever we are in the whatever league we are in.....Pompey have only been in the premiership for what 4th year........you still cant qualify for Europe...you aint going to get the FA Cup either......start looking for the razor blades and leave me and my club and my fans alone. Come on West Brom.....