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  • Jude Jude Apr 18, 2008 20:44 Flag

    3 games left and......

    We got to make sure we win one and draw one, after my expect analysis, that will give us....bearing in mind others around us...but I have gone throught their games too and it looks possible to get a win and a draw and stay in the championship.
    Oh what a difference a year makes eh...last year....6th and play off position, this year.....its 6th..but from the bottom...hey hoe...we all go through highs and lows..and currently our low is our lowest, but here are the scores for the three teams we have left to play from earlier this season.
    Sheffield Utd - beat them 2-1
    West Brom - beat them 3-2
    Burnley - beat them 3-2
    So anything is still possible, however with West Brom game next Monday on SSP1 that is gonna be our hardest me thinks.....But I will be cheering my team on, wearing one of my super saints t-shirts hoping for that win. COMING SOON.....New icon of my Nephew Liam wearing his "when I grow up I wanna play for the SAINTS" babygrow...bless him...hes only 10 days old......COYR

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    • looks like you have got to win the last two then to make sure your safe cant see west brom or sheff utd doing you any favours though

    • The theft of players money at st marys , all the police got to do is check if either of the two players already done for theft , were they playing ???

    • Oh dear ....Oh dear .... Jude ....looking real grim for you Scummers!!!......well now let me see .....the blue half of Hampshire.....ah sorry ....the only team in Hampshire .....have got to an FA Cup Final.....and possibly Europe?.. have also secured a top half finish in the Prem -yet again ....and the icing on the cake could well be the ultimate humiliation and relegation of the Scum...all in the same season .....things just dont get better than that ....seriously though .... I hope Sheffield dick you in the next couple of games (with Beattie the useless ex scummer numpty he is ....scoring the winner.....ha ha what irony) and a thrashing by West Brom (who are a quality side ...which you aint) would do nicely to drop you out of the Championship .....you sad Scummers dished it out for years and years ....do you hear anyone crying in the blue half of hampshire ....fat chance ...finally its payback time........rot with Rupert!

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    • i think today we blew our chances of staying in the league, i cannot see us getting anything at west brom, as they will want to win the league and i dont think we will beat sheffield utd, the way we are playing, unless utd would like to see wednesday go down instead.i can see james beattie scoring the goal which sends us down, either way, whatever happens i will still be a saints supporter, mr grumpy sanj. grump.

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      • SANJ....I cant believe you are a SAINT...where has your spirit and optomism gone? No.......it was a blip....we have not blown it yet......poor poor result, and I agree with a lot of what Michael says...the players and the board are solely responsible for our demise....but we as fans have to get behind players......Im down south for a couple of days and belive me when I say im taking my mum shopping past our training ground at Staplehurst this morning. I still believe we can stay up.....I said in the original thread that we needed a win and a draw and the teams around us to get the right results too......ok, we lost, bad loss at home too, but its done we just got to pick ourselves up and prepare for next mondays televised game against West Brom.....its not impossible to beat them, we have done so already, ok ok they are top of the division.....but it happens, so im gonna put that one down as our draw.......and then the Sheffield last game will be our winner....and fingers toes legs and anything else crossed, we will stay up. Unfortunately it will go down the final whistle on the last day before we know whats what.....but im keeping the faith...im gonna keep my passion and be as vocal as I can. Dont give up on us....keep the faith......COYR

      • No...im not giving up.....I said on the original thread, three games left and I expect 1 win, 1 draw and another win or draw would be nice, but I think we can still be safe even with the loss........stop laughing non saints fans.....im ever optomistic......we can get a draw at WBA, would obviously love a win especially as we will be on the tele SSP1 7.45 Monday after next, then we will can beat sheffield utd, easy peasy....ok we beat them earlier in the season, different manager, different team....but as some point the players have to come out firing......I still believe......my old man said Calzaghe was gonna get his arse wipped last night...but I stuck with him....nope..he will win....i have the same confidence with super saints......It will go down to probably the last minute of the last game...just as our relegation sunday did to us....but I know we will make it....KEEP THE FAITH.....COYR

    • 3 games left and your going down i admire your spirit jude but your clubs owners and players are not up for the fight which means the supporters get let down well the ones you got left