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    bye jan and lowe hopefully too

    with jan gone now, dont you think that lowe should do the same? it was his great idea to get jan and not keep pearson, who kept us up, because lowe is a tight arse, grump. when bosses make big mistakes, they get the sack, look at the credit crunch, so why the hell do we southampton supporters put up with lowe who is taking us down again, wake up people!!!!!!!! its time for the fans to get together and get lowe out, red cards or sit ins wont do, dont go to the game would show lowe, as it will hit him in the pocket. lowe thinks he can run a foootball club and make the transfers, maybe he should look at the job he has done, grump. on a positive i might see the saints play hartlepool next season, grump, come on you saints, sanj.

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    • Hiya Gary, long time no speak, what you been up to, the usual working hard i expect.
      Great to see you back with us, RL doesnt and never has given a shit about my club, just purly in it for the publicity.
      Lost again last night, gave away a goal in the dying seconds, again, I think I am resigned for 3rd division football next season, wherever my team are, if they are still a team of course I will support them. Saint till I die. No point jazzing it up Premiership, championship and 1st division....its the 3rd end off.
      Felt sorry for your team, and I dont think I have said that in the past 5 years or so....FL (no matter how much I hate him) did not deserve to be sent off, and that changed the game, we all know how the teams are vulnerable when down to 10 men.
      Speak soon M8, take care of yourself and your family.

    • That's one hell of a time to have a holiday! Shows how much he cares. Summer here but we keep getting these cold fronts coming through. Think I'll go back to PNG soon.

    • Sanj, your very welcome to come along to the bargate on Saturday at 1.15 to join the demonstation to get lowe out.
      Leaving Bargate and pub crawling down to st Marys for kick off at 3pm
      Bring your banners, flags, red cards with get lowe out on them and lets see if public opinon counts anymore.

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      • thank you for the kind offer jude, but i live in newcastle now, grump, but i would if i was still down south. i hope you are not going to watch the game, you need a mass demonstration in the car park so the sod cant get out to his car, grump. as we have not sold anyone yet, it looks like we will go into administration and get the 10 points taken away too, grump. watch out for march 22/23, last day you can go into administration, grump, on the bright side, lowe might go then, grump, sanj.