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  • I will be honest from the start,I am a QPR supporter.I cannot believe what is happening to the saints.I love going to see the Rs play the saints at St Marys ,you have a great ground and some of the most loyal supporters around.You deserve better ,if R/p had any sense he would go now.
    I hope you survive this season,when the odds are stacked against you its difficult,the supporters have the real power.

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    • We can only live in hope he will leave.
      We had a demonstration last weekend in southampton down to St Mary's, the attendance has dropped dramatically, they even added an extra 5000 to the gate, even though the supporters were not there, season ticket holders get counted even if they dont turn up......so even with an empty ground you would still get told 7500 turned up......farcical.
      I have resigned myself for division 3 or league 1 as some like to call it, it looks more and more likely that we will go into administration within the next month, so with a 10pt deduction, league 1 here we come. Once a saint always a saint, and I will support them till I die, once the administrators come in, hopefully RL and his allies will get up and leave us alone once and for all...we can only now live in hope. Thanks for your kind words, only consolation for me is pompey are championship bound and hopefully spurs will drop too.

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      • well i dont think pompey will go down ? but its sad to see saints in such a mess as only a few years back they held there own in the premier , so what has gone wrong , as a pompey fan noone likes to see the club they love struggle and believe me that win on sat was a great boost and my heart can rest for another week , but i hope you climb out of this mess because it would not be the same if you fans were not about if you know what i mean ,, fans love the team and we our loyal to the end and we have been in the crap hole many times but you know what know cares about the fan ??we shout and cry for our team then some arse hole comes in and screws it up and takes what they can from it ,, lowe is one of them ,, if you lose the ten points you will be doomed but its better now than have a bigger points deduction next season ,,, so all the best in your campaign to get him out ,,, and one of your wishes will i hope come true and thats for spurs to be relegated ,,, again good luck to you and your fans in the future of saints

      • You're not gone yet.