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  • hello people, is this right, the saints have won three in a row. im normally negative when i write on here, so i decide it time to be positive and shout from the roof tops that the saints are back, win another five games and we will be safe. thank you saints for putting a smile back on my face and thank you pompey for losing. life doesnt get better then this. come on you super reds. all hail the wotte. rupert lowe still to go tho, :0), saint grumpy sanj.

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    • hey pompey unbeaten in 4 ,, good win yesterday moving away from the bottom ,,hey saints lost again and look doomed ,,, great day made me so happy ,,,,,,saints down wonderful and lowe will buy the club for a pound could not be better great results ,,,,,,pompey 1,nil saints 2 ,nil and secound bottom great

    • bet u aint so happy now....hahahaha bye bye scummers !!!

    • When I came back here from PNG, after 17 years, I did my interview via video conference - decent option. If you send me your details I can always get a head-hunter to contact you. I'm contracting through an employment agency at the moment: my contact there is from Bristol.

    • its ok pompey wont go down we our now going to see some points , i fear for the saints cos its not points you want but money as you will go into admin very soon ,, is it 10points so i think all your campaigns against lowe will come to nothing as he is thinking of his money first , fans do get the bad deal always stressed as our teams struggle and players paid to much for what they do as a pompey fan and a fan of football i dont want to see saints vanish or any team as its the fans game and know in the game no one gives a s h i t about us ,, so i like the banter as its great fun takes your mind off the crap both teams our in good luck to you and i know sensible fans wish us the same as i have seen many saints fans at fratton park yes they were to watch prem teams which i did years ago at the old ground you had , its called the love of football as you all do from your replys

    • hey jude, oooo i can hear a song coming, i was at that game, i was standing behind the goal where mark wright broke his leg, i heard it and it didnt sound good. i can remember the game going into extra time and losing 3- nil, grump,with ian rush scoring. i cant remember us having a shot tho, i dont think we did, grump. those were the good all days, grump, one day we will be back, keep the faith, mr grumpy sanj.

    • morning Tim....I NEVER CALLED ANY NAMES...I have been really really good this season, I have been tempted to come onto your boards, but no, I have held it all in, but I might have to have a dig tomorrow if my team jumps out of the relegation and your team stays in it. COYR....gotta beat QPR tomorrow, just gonna check the odds and see who's favourite - Later boys.

    • hiya Sanj, yes what a night, super super saints still have a game on some clubs but are a game behind Barnsley and Watford, so we gotta hope and prey that they lose the next 3-4 games. gotta have hope Sanj, keep the faith and your right, Wotte is doing great, he can stay, but your right......LOWE STILL HAS TO GO !! - COYR