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  • Jude Jude Mar 31, 2009 22:35 Flag

    Happy Birthday to me......Happy Birthday to me....

    Well peeps...its my birthday on Saturday 4th...and the best present ever....tickets to Saturdays match vs Charlton....Icing on my cake.....3-0 = 3 points -COYR

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    • what a great birthday present your club to fold ,,, at least lowe has gone ,, but so has the club in reality its a shame , but with them trying to get away with a loophole , shows how corrupt the club our ,,,,, saints more like sinners u be better off going down now and starting again next season ,, well have a good 60thor whatever age you are ,, good luck

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      • the holding company have folded, not my club, watch the ground it will be full to capacity tomorrow. Lawrie will bring in the crowds, he already told us last night, fill the stadium, and all tickets were sold by 8pm last night. The bank will lease back the ground to Southampton FC and new investment will be on the table by the end of next week, ok, maybe the week after. Im quietly confident someone will come into rescue us, fingers, toes and legs crossed. I think the Barclays should should some of the debt, they supposidly reduced our overdraft from £5M to £1M within 2 weeks, and thats why the holding company has gone into administration, it would not be in their interest to let the club fold, gate money alone could generate what some £500K a week, we have no named players at the club so the wage bill cant be that high, stewards should work for free for the forseeable future, I still see my club as a viable option and believe me if I win that £26M on the euro tonight, my money will be on the table - Come on you red and whites, pull up our socks, hold our heads up high, and just hope and pray that investment comes. Dont know what else to say, gonna be a mixed birthday for me tomorrow, could it possibly be my last game at St Mary's? could the team I have been supporting for 40 years finally cease to exist.......NAAAAH......ONCE A SAINT...ALWAYS A SAINT

    • happy birthday jude. i thought it was a joke, but with the fool lowe around, i know it was not, grump. if we dont get the 10 points taken away, then i feel we have cheated the other teams in the league. heres to the future, remember it was lowe who didnt want ray ranson's money last year. enjoy the game on saturday, hope we get three points, mr grumpy sanj.

    • great birthday present...my club in administration. Can it get much worse?