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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 23, 2009 22:50 Flag

    league one here we come and with minus 10 points, grump

    im glad that we got the 10 points deduction, if only lowe did before the 23rd of march, we would start with a clean slate, but its is time for all saints fans to come together and be one. things started to go wrong when we went into the stock market, loads of the board giving themselves free shares and thinking of themselves. a number of different managers, apart from gordon, should have never been giving the job in the first place. i would love to find out the real reason why gordon left. then there is rupert lowe, who wanted to run everything including which players were brought. who was he looking after, the club or shareholders? but thats enough grumping from me. its a new era for the saints and fans, we should learn from these mistakes and never let them happen again, thats if the fans who have their heads in the sands have come out for breathe. where is lowe now, you donuts, grump, saint grumpy.

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