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  • Devan Devan Sep 1, 2013 19:02 Flag

    Why some of the players don't have points!!!!

    This week i have Dzeko and Darren Bent as my striker but no points for them.Why???They played this week.I had this problem on the 1st week, A.Kone get 0 points as well.How the points system works.

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    • Well glancing at the Newcastle v Fulham game text, the only mentions I see of Bent were being caught offside early on and being subbed late on. Hardly a point-packed performance? Dzeko I fear performed similarly, although his withdrawal from events occurred a good deal earlier. Kone also failed to trouble the text commentators during his 22 minutes of 'action'.


      Action Code Score
      Goal G 7 points (+3 for Shot on Target so 10 overall)
      Assist A 4 points
      Match-Winning Goal MWG 2 extra points
      Set-Piece Goal SPG 3 extra points
      Shot on Target SOT 3 points
      Successful Cross SC 1 point
      Winning a Foul FW 1 points
      Penalty Kick Missed/Saved PKM -5 points

      Act Code Score
      Blocked Shot BS 2 points
      Pass Intercepted PI 1 points
      Winning a Tackle TW 1 points
      Clean Sheet (75+ Minutes Played) CS 6 points
      Foul Committed FC -1 points
      Penalty Committed PC -3 points
      Own Goal OG -3 points
      Yellow Card YC -3 points
      Red Card RC -6 points

      Act Code Score
      Win W 4 points
      Loss L -2 points
      Tie T 1 point
      Save SV 2 points
      Penalty Kick Save PKS 6 points
      Clean Sheet CS 5 points
      Goal Allowed GA -3 points