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  • Fahrudin Fahrudin Sep 2, 2013 01:54 Flag

    Message to Yahoo developers, managers, and Ms Mayer

    Hi Yahoo developers, managers, and Ms Mayer
    I know you have superiors and company goals, and probably work on budgets, with a goal to have mobile apps. That is all good. However, for some people this is a serious game.
    You guys have little regard for the players of this game. We see your actions purely as money- and goal-driven, chasing Google and other companies. Remember, Google notifies its customers well in advance when an application is to be discontinued or changed. Google works WITH its users when making any changes, and LISTENS to its customers. I suggest you guys better bring-in more knowledgeable people on your teams, people that KNOW the game, not plain developers that don't watch soccer or have never played the game. I suggest you guys read all the posts and all the problems the change has brought about, and do it fast, because people are looking for alternatives.
    And if Ms Mayer approaches each change on Yahoo platforms the same way - with no regard for its current customers - Yahoo traffic will drop, marketing dollars decrease...