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  • Efthymios Peratikos Efthymios Peratikos Sep 2, 2013 10:32 Flag


    I had clichy who didn’t start and yahoo replaced him for barkley (-2 points), although i had debuchy (+17 points). I thought if a player does not start, then the best player from the bench comes in, not the worst! I lost 19 points

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    • Yahfool selects the highest priority substitute, not the highest scoring substitute as other games do. If you play a 3-4-3 and Barkley is your #1 substitute and one of your forwards does not play, Yahfool will change your formation to a 3-5-2 and insert Barkley. You must manually sort your substitutes so they are in the priority you want each week.

      I agree that having 1 substitute for each position, and substituting like-for-like, would be a better system.

      Also, if a substitute replaces a captain, you do not get x2 points for the substitute ...

    • As far as I can tell, you can select the priority of your substitutes. They are then used in that priority (save that you must still have a valid formation after the substitution). Sounds like you had Barkley ahead of Debuchy on your bench.

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      • That's actually not really a great idea if you think about it. Surely it should be like-for-like? Let's say I have 4-4-2, and Phil Jones didn't play, shouldn't my defensive sub Debuchy replace him? Regardless of bench priority?
        Otherwise Negredo as 1st priority would come on and the formation would be 3-4-3. Hmmm ...
        Anyone else had a sub come on for a different positioned non-starter?

    • That's an interesting point EP. I had wondered how the substitute system really worked. It's not very clear in the rules. I thought it was only based on like-for-like positions, ie a non-playing defender for your sub defender (if 2 def subs, the one highest up the bench priority 4-3-2-1). I wasn't aware a midfielder could be brought off the bench to replace a defender? (Even if Barkley had been in number one position on your bench.) I have had my sub's brought on, but only in the proper order & like-for-like.
      Anyone else had sub problems?

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      • The do it on priority and positions. Your first sub will replace him. If Barkley was your first sub and you could fit another midfielder into your team due to your formation then it would put the first midfielder in. Not very easy to explain. For example maybe you had 4 midfielders and they brought your first sub Barkley on to make your formation with 5 midfielders if that makes sense if you already had 5 it would have brought your 2nd sub a defender on